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Hair Growth Hot Oil Treatment With Pumpkin Seed Oil



This month’s DIY mix has been long anticipated.

We brought back an old favorite that everyone has been requesting.

Only the original CurlMixers from 2015 have seen this kind of product in a CurlMix.

Now, we are bringing it back because it just wouldn’t be the holiday season without it. 

Our amazing hair growth hot oil treatment has arrived. 

This Mix's featured ingredient has so many amazing benefits. 

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Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil is a thick, rich, luxurious oil that is the star of our November CurlMix.

This holiday season, our subscribers will receive our Pumpkin Pie Hot Oil Treatment. This DIY hot oil treatment contains some of the highest quality ingredients on the market.

The Mix includes 5 amazing oils:

  1. 1/4 cup Pumpkin Seed Oil
  2. 1/8 cup Argan Oil 
  3. 1 tsp Vitamin E Oil
  4. 1/4 cup Castor Oil
  5. 1/4 cup Sweet Almond Oil

Pumpkin Pie Hot Oil Treatment Benefits and Ingredients

There are 5 oils in our hot oil treatment in total, and all of them are powerhouse ingredients that will make your hair stand out.  

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Stimulates hair growth, contains vitamin A, B6, & C. It also includes zinc, magnesium, and iron.

Argan Oil

Is an emollient that is rich in antioxidants and helps to heal damaged hair and skin. It’s the #1 ingredient curly haired women look for in their products according to Naturally Curly.

Vitamin E

Is a powerful antioxidant that reduces breakage and damage while softening your skin and hair.

Sweet Almond Oil

Is a light weight carrier oil that's easily absorbed into the strands for added shine.

Castor Oil

Is like a natural frizz serum that adds immense shine to your results and promotes a healthy scalp to encourage hair growth.


I like to think of this month’s hot oil treatment as N'sync, you needed all 5 members of the group to throw a concert, but really, we only came to see Justin, J.C., and Lance.



Well, at least that’s my story lol.

Don't get me wrong, Sweet Almond Oil and Castor Oil are staples in everyone's DIY cabinet. 

But the Pumpkin Seed, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil are definitely the stars of this Mix.


The Pumpkin Pie Hot Oil Treatment is just the kind of treatment you need for your self-care session during your holiday break.

 Plus, winter is coming, so you know you are going to need another level of protection and restoration from the elements.

The best part about this mix is that it doesn’t need a preservative.

That means you can use it all winter long!


Recipe Development

I spent 24 hours in the kitchen over the course of two days, developing easy DIY recipes, testing sections of my hair, and standing for the entire time.

I had no idea developing 6 recipes would take so much work.

What baffled me the most was that my “easy” recipes like a body butter and hot oil treatment weren’t supposed to take more than 10 or 15 minutes to perfect.

SPOILER ALERT: They didn’t take a few minutes, they took hours to find the perfect mixture of oils.

This month’s Pumpkin Pie Hot Oil Treatment was especially interesting because I had a few goals in mind. 

  • I wanted to provide you with high-quality oils that you didn’t just have lying around the house
  • I wanted to give you oils that stimulate growth because many of you have asked do we have a “growth product”
    • TRUTH: I hate labeling something as a “growth” product because there are so many factors involved in growing your hair. There’s really no miracle serum to give you long tresses.
    • High-quality ingredients will improve the environment in which your hair grows, making your hair and scalp healthier, but really retention is the name of the game.
    • Preventing breakage, and minimizing damage is the only true way to “grow” long hair.
  • I wanted to give you something that smelled festive and reminds you of the holidays.
    • This Caramel Pumpkin fragrance is to die for, even if you don’t like Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Potato Pie is your go to, you’ll still love it.
  • I wanted to give you a sizable amount, more value for your money
    • Often times, buying Argan oil alone can cost $15 to $20 for just an ounce.
    • The same goes for Vitamin E. If you bought both, you’d spend $30-$40 for 2 ounces of potent oils.
    • I wanted to provide more value than that. In our mix, you’re getting both of those oils, along with Pumpkin Seed oil and Castor oil, a favorite of many naturals who profess its effects on their hair growth. You get all of this for under $30.
    • That’s a steal if you didn’t know ; )
    • Our hot oil treatment will last you for at least 8 uses. If you are treating your hair once a month, you’ll have this treatment until July 2017.

Testing DIY products can take a toll

The first couple batches of oil didn’t go so well.

At first, I added a bit too much Castor oil. The oil was too thick and sticky. Too much Castor means you’d spend a LONG time shampooing the oil out. 

So I replaced the excess Castor for the Sweet Almond oil.

Sweet Almond oil is the lightest oil in this month’s mix. It easily absorbs into the strand and that’s important if you have low porosity hair (it takes forever for your hair to get wet).

It easily absorbs into the strand and that’s important if you have low porosity hair (it takes forever for your hair to get wet).

This means the molecules of the oil are small enough to seep into the tiny pores on your strands.

Then I tried a batch with, a new ingredient for me, Neem oil, as it has so many wonderful properties that improve the health of your hair.

Unfortunately, Neem oil does NOT smell very good, neither does Tea Tree oil.

The smell reminded me of “Smacks” cereal. I thought, who on earth wants to smell like a kids bowl of cereal…not me.


I knew I had to maintain our reputation for having delicious smelling products.

Keeping the Neem oil would have ruined that reputation.

So I removed the Neem oil and added more Pumpkin Seed oil.

Then I tried a batch with the perfect amount of Pumpkin Seed oil, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond oil, and Castor oil.

It resulted in luxurious feeling, a delicious holiday scent, and when I tested it on my hair, it worked!

After standing for 12 hours, my knees hurt, my back ached, and my feet were cramping but...

I knew I had mixed magic and that my CurlMixers would love it.

Get yours here:

Pumpkin Pie Hot Oil Treatment

 Pumpkin Pie Hot Oil Treatment by CurlMix - November

Updated January 21, 2017


Tonya Winters

I ordered the February 2020 box stating it would be the entire Curl Mix product line. when I got the box it contained – The step 4 organic Argan oil 8oz. , lotta body w coconut & Shea oils 12 oz, , Cream of nature plex breakage defense 5.1 oz, Natures protest coconut restore texture and volume spray 2 oz and their curl moisture cream 2 oz. , also a hair bonnet. This is definitely not what I would have spent my 25.00 of hard earned money on ever. If you’re not going to send what is advertised at least notify and send on back order, or let me choose products id like as a substitute.


is the Pumpkin Seed Oil available for purchase? I received an email today, however, I cannot find it in the list of products for sell.

Lisa-Marie Williams

I just received this link today via email. I can’t find it anywhere on your website. Please help.

A Bailey

Can I still order the Pumpkin seed oil?

Annette Bada

would like to purchase the pumpkin pie hot oil treatment but cannot find an option to do so. please advise?

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