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Healthy Hair: The REAL Secret for Successful Wash and Go's

It’s time for a little tough love, CurlMixers.

Before you fix your Facebook fingers to ask us, “Why isn’t my Wash and Go working for me?!?”, ask this question first: 

Is your hair healthy?

Wash + Go’s bring the best out of your natural hair pattern. 

If your hair is damaged, unruly, or overall in shambles, you can’t depend on a Wash + Go to give you a head full of curls you simply don’t have.

That’s the secret to the best Wash + Go: Healthy Hair!




Wash + Go's Require Healthy Hair

Let’s clarify something really important: CurlMix is not magic. We’re not miracle workers. We don’t snap our curls together to bring you your desired results.

We do, however, support your healthy natural hair journey by providing products full of clean ingredients and simple routines

As honored as we are to be a service to you and your curls, we only actually do half the work.





You have to take on the other half, and the first step to working towards this is taking responsibility for the health of your hair. 

Cultivating healthy curls is truly like a part-time job, but with our 4-Step Wash + Go System, maintaining the health of your natural hair will never feel like a chore.

Here’s some helpful signs to look for to tell if your hair is healthy when using our Wash + Go system

Step 1: Clean Hair is Healthy Hair

If you often find yourself using heavy butter, silicone, or oil-based need to relax. This can take a major toll on your curls by leaving drastic build-up, which can lead to dryness.


Sounds like the case for you and your curls? Shower your hair with a little extra love and cleanse your hair a few extra times before moving on to the next step.


Healthy Hair Shrinks

While shampooing your curls with our Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo, check for shrinkage. 

Although shrinkage isn’t always favorable when you style, it’s actually a sign of healthy hair. (Stop shunning the shrinkage!)

Shrinkage is a sign that your hair elasticity (aka the “spring” in your curls) is actually thriving. Hydrated and moisturized hair will shrink, but it still holds the natural pattern of your curls.


Step 2: Moisturized Hair is Healthy Hair

Moisturize often. Dry hair will lead to a dead-end every time. Moisturized hair, on the other hand, can move mountains! Keeping your curls nice and moisturized should always be your number one priority.



(Even after you’ve finished shampooing and conditioning, stay in the shower to move on to your moisturizing step. It’s the perfect time to let the water get into your hair to add in hydration that will play a side-kick to the moisture.)

Healthy Hair Needs Drip and Slip

While using our Pure Grapeseed Oil Conditioner, detangle your curls to prepare for styling. Detangling will be a breeze when you have healthy hair.

Step 3: Deal with Damage to Keep Your Hair Healthy

If you notice it’s difficult to detangle (even after multiple pass throughs), your curls may be damaged.



It also may be a sign that you may need a trim. Trimming will help you retain length and volume over time by reducing breakage.

Snip, Snip (sparingly). A good cut can go a long way! Trimming your hair regularly gets rid of the dead ends that can eventually lead to split ends, fairy knots, and damaged strands. If your hair is on the more damaged side, it may be time for a big chop.

Deep conditioners are a curl’s best friend. We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: there’s almost nothing a deep conditioner can’t fix. 

Broken curls? Deep condition. Broken heart? Deep condition! 



You should be treating your curls to a deep condition at least once every two weeks.

Step 4: Styling and Profiling with Your Healthy Hair

Once your hair is healthy, styling will become more efficient and produce more desirable results.

Wash + Go’s require basic technique. As your hair gets healthier, your styles will get better the more often you do Wash + Go’s.





After applying our Pure Avocado Moisturizer, check to see if you’re able to clump your curls with ease. 

This is a sign that your hair is healthy!

While finger-combing our Pure Flaxseed Gel through your curls, start at the ends and work your way up. 

Unhealthy hair might result in crunchy curls, but that also may be a sign that you’re using too much product. Additionally, if you notice any frizz after you definition, that’s a tell-tale sign of unhealthy hair.

On the other hand, healthy hair will provide a smoother definition.

If you struggled with any of these steps during your last Wash + Go, it’s likely that your hair isn’t as healthy as you think it is. Fortunately, we just gave you the curl print to follow! 



This is just a bump in your natural hair journey! With proper hair care and clean products, you can get your curls on the right track.


Tips on How to Get Healthy Curls

  • Revisit our CurlMix University to read up on important natural hair tips and information 
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch tutorials and styling videos 
  • Join our Facebook group to connect with a community of CurlMixers who share their curly hair experiences

Healthy hair isn’t an overnight sensation, so give yourself plenty of time and plenty of grace while cultivating healthy curls. 

How do you keep your healthy curls in tip-top shape? Let us know your tips down below in the comments!

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