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How Black Hair Plays a Role in Black History

CurlMixers...where do we even start?


While we honor the past of our history, we’re also given the chance to honor the past of Black hair. As a Black-owned hair company, Black hair and Black history find themselves in a very special intersection that we hold near and dear to our curls.



It’s a pleasure to continue learning about the history of our hair; understanding this will only lead to better and more impactful changes for our curls. Here are three essential lessons that we’ve learned from the history of Black hair: 

DIY is the Heart of Hair


Our staple products were all created through the process of DIY, and we spend countless hours mixing and matching clean ingredients that will make your curls look and feel phenomenal. It’s an honor to share this particular similarity with those who came before us.


In Africa, our ancestors spent many hours adoring and catering to their hair. There was a certain pride that was held when you had your hair done (a pride that has since followed); it was a huge role to their identities. When it came to styling and nourishing their hair, our ancestors used natural resources, such as herbs, clay and powder, and other elegant ingredients such as perfume or oils. 




The period of slavery drastically changed this practice. Among the devastating effects that slavery caused was that it left a negative impact on the care of our hair. (A negative impact that Black communities are still working to heal through.) Even through those unimaginable times, our ancestors still found ways to tend to their hair; namely by creating concoctions from leftover greases and butters.


We can’t express how personal and grateful it is to realize that this has long been in our bloodline. It definitely pushes us to continue creating products with the spirit of DIY!


The Opportunities that Hair Provides


When Madam C.J. Walker’s homemade hair business grew, she wasn’t the only one that was reaping the benefits. There were the young Black women who gained experience in sales, going door-to-door showcasing her products. There were countless Black men and women who had job security working in her factories, overseeing the operations. There were uplifting organizations and prominent groups that had the pleasure of collaborating with the first Black, female self-made millionaire.


Now, there are companies (such as yours truly!) that are providing that same type of support, all across the board. Not only are we aiding our CurlMixers to practice healthy hair routines with healthy products, but we’re helping to enrich the community that has embraced us.




Whether you’re working with us or we’re working to serve you (and your curls!), we are incredibly grateful for the possibilities that have blossomed from recognizing and growing from our Black hair history.


We ourselves are Black History, and honestly...that's pretty extraordinary!


Innovation Keeps Growing and Growing


With more curls come more challenges...and our history has well-prepared us!


Self-taught hairstylists have learned how to style your curls to perfection. Entrepreneurs (such as our very own!) have created incredible hair brands that are shaking up the hair industry with every bounce in every curl. Hair shows and festivals are highlighting the best that our curls have to offer. It’s inspiring to see how well our culture flourishes after a long, long period of even trying to accept our curls.


Let’s do a quick checklist at what CurlMix has contributed due to innovation: 

  • A Wash + Go system that is ensures your curls (no matter what texture) come out looking flawless
  • A Satin Pillowcase that’s designed to protect your strands while you catch some Zzz’s
  • Tools such as the Flex Brush that makes detangling a breeze 



Thinking about the amazing strides that were made in our Black history definitely encourages us to continue to grow and provide as a hair brand. We’re immensely thankful for all who came before us, and we look forward to serving all who comes next.


What are some Black hair history facts that you know? We’d love to hear them! Leave them down in the comments below.

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