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How to Get Your Curls Ready for Colors and Costumes this Halloween

Who here really gets into Halloween costumes?

We don’t mean throwing on a cute headband with bunny ears or adding a little dazzle to your make-up.





We’re talking about who really gets committed and puts on a whole performance for this time of the year?!

If you’re that CurlMixer dedicated to dressing up in the best Halloween costumes, there’s a few things you need to know beforehand.

Namely, how to get those curls ready for your costume!




Often, hair dyes and coloring are essential for pulling off a great Halloween look. 

While we do support trying a different color for your curls, we moreso support keeping those curls in tip-top condition beforehand.

If you’re dying your natural hair for your Halloween costume, you definitely need to do these steps beforehand!

Before we start, we have a Friendly CurlMix Reminder: We’re only recommending you apply a temporary dye to your curls! No Halloween outfit is worth the ultimate upkeep of colored curls, so don’t get too into the spirit!





Not interested in dying your curls? We have a couple options for you and your Halloween costume to check out instead: 

Simple Coloring for Curls

Waxes, sprays, hair name it! These are all alternatives that will wash out of your curls with a quick wash.

No Color for Your Curls at All

Don’t want to add any type of color to your hair? In this case, you can use clip-ins or wigs instead! 

All you’ll need to do is braid up your hair after a good cleanse and condition, and cover it with a stocking cap. Afterwards, choose whatever wig and/or clip-in you need to complete your Halloween look!



Now let’s get into the steps you’ll need to take if you are adding a temporary color to your curls: 

Schedule Wash Day Earlier 

Whenever it’s time to dye your curls a new gorgeous color, it’s ideal to wash and condition your natural hair at least 24 hours before your color treatment.

The natural oils that your scalp produces acts as a form of protection against the chemicals in the hair dye, so this increases the chance of keeping your curls safe with the coloring in.



Switch around your hair routine to do Wash Day a good day or two before you get your color in!

CurlMix Pro Tip: After cleansing and conditioning your curls, go easy on product use before your coloring. Now is not the time to add in your favorite mousses, gels, or pomades!

Keep Your Hair Moisturized 

Dry hair is already terrifying enough to deal with alone, but dry hair with color coated on top of it?? That’s a frightening sight!

A good way to ensure your curls are up for any challenges that coloring may bring is to keep them nice and nourished beforehand.

Give your curls the ultimate moisture by indulging in a deep conditioning treatment



Our Ultimate Deep Conditioner Kit is essential: first, our deep conditioner will replenish and restore your strands. Second, follow up with our leave-in conditioner to lock in all of that moisture. 

You’ll be in for a happy Halloween costume when you’re prepped with hydrated and healthy hair!

Take Extra Precautions

Stay on your curls: your alert has to be at an all-time high to avoid any tricks this season!



To keep your natural hair protected before your coloring treatment, give your nighttime routine a little bit of an update. You can never be too careful when it comes to your curls: 

  • Twist or braid up your curls. Be sure to detangle your hair thoroughly before doing so to avoid any tears or tangles!
  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase. If your bonnet or hair scarf happens to sneak off your head like a thief in the night, the pillow will be there to back your curls up.
  • Use products sparingly for refreshing your curls. Only stick to water or a lightweight leave-in conditioner or moisturizer up until it’s time for your coloring.

Taking these additional precautions will help keep your strands prepared for a successful coloring treatment.

Friendly CurlMix Reminder: Even if you’re doing a temporary dye for your Halloween costume, we strongly recommend you go to a hair salon so a hair professional can treat your curls.





Coloring is nothing to play with, and there’s nothing scarier than having chemically-damaged strands. We definitely want you to be in the spirit of Halloween, but not that much.

This is a DIY project you should just leave alone. Your newly-colored curls will thank you!

We’re excited to see your curls transformation for the perfect Halloween costume! Stay tuned to our upcoming Connect featuring Halloween costumes for you and your curls!

Until then, let us know in the comments what you’re thinking of dressing up as for Halloween: 

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