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How To Moisturize Dry Natural Hair - 5 Surprisingly Easy Tips For Curly Hair

You have dry hair for one reason only...

because it lacks WATER!

It's not because you're 4C or you were born with dry hair.

There are no life hacks or miracle products.

The equation is simple. 

Using more water leads to more moisturized hair. 

However, adding water one time is not enough, you have to be consistent. 

You can't just moisturize once and hope to cure your dry hair.

Moving from chronically dry hair to moisturized hair takes time. 

Here's how to get it done without radically changing what you are already doing.

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5 Tips To Keep Your Dry Natural Hair Moisturized 

  1. Limit the use of heavy oils and butter.
  2. Avoid shampoos with oil or butter within the first 5 ingredients
  3. Style your hair in the shower. 
  4. Don't add product every day.
  5. When in doubt, add more water. 

You may be thinking...they are trippin' and it can't be that easy.

This is counter-intuitive to everything you've been told about your hair up until now, but just keep reading.

I have been using this method for years and the results speak for themselves.

Check out the growth results I've gotten from following those simple tips on my 4C hair.

This is my hair in 2015. 

CurlMix CEO Kim Lewis Big Chop August 2015

This is my hair in 2019.

CurlMix CEO Kim Lewis Hair Growth Over 4 years

1. Limit the use of heavy oils and butter

You: STAWP! I've been watching influencers for YEARS and plenty of them grow their hair and keep it moisturized with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter.

Me: Our industry is still new and there is plenty to learn. Those influencers were just figuring things out as they went and took you along the journey, they are in no way experts or learning from licensed experts. 

I work with a trained stylist who told me to stop using raw oils and butter directly on my hair and the reasoning she gave was solid:

Do you agree that oil and water don't mix? Yes. 

Do you agree that heavy things weigh light things down? Yes. 

Do you agree that water cannot penetrate a layer of butter? YES. 

Then it makes perfect sense that once you add butter to your hair, it creates a barrier for moisture to get into your hair.

In fact, the purpose of any moisturizer is to stop moisture from leaving your hair, but the barrier works both ways.

Heavy oils and butter prevent water from getting to the strands of your hair and as a result, can suffocate the strands. 

2. Avoid shampoos with oil or butter within the first 5 ingredients

Shampoo on Natural Hair

Now you know that butter and oils prevent water from penetrating the hair, what happens when you are supposed to be cleaning your hair but the shampoo has oils and butter in it? 

You got it, you're not cleaning it at all.

In fact, you are adding more build-up.

More build-up means that your hair isn't getting all the water it needs and will feel really dry over time.

You're effectively slowly dehydrating your hair. 

Shampooing with actual shampoo (not clay) that doesn't contain heavy oils and butter cleanses your hair.

The shampoo helps wash away the oil and butter, breaking up the barrier.

Then as a bonus, it lifts the cuticle layer of the hair, allowing water to penetrate the strands and hydrate the hair. 

3. Style your hair in the shower

At CurlMix, we predominantly recommend Wash and Gos because they are low manipulation and can be styled in the shower.

When you style your hair in the shower you are getting the benefit of a deep steamer and constant water which leads to...

Super moisturized hair!

Your hair will retain that water in the style and it will give you the BEST results when you wear the final look outside of the shower.

A water bottle spray just won't cut it. 

4. Don't add product every day.

Other companies have got you fooled.

Adding any product daily just creates more build-up.

Product companies have been tricking us into buying more product by saying we should use the product daily.

Don't believe the hype.

If you need to refresh your hair, just use the steam from the shower or add more water. 

Curl Stylist Wash and Go Finger Combing CurlMix

5. When in doubt, add more water. 

We recommend only styling your hair when wet.

That's when it is the most pliable and your products are used to lock in that moisture.

Whenever you are applying product to your hair, make sure you are adding more water before adding product.

It helps the product spread more and last longer. 

6. BONUS: Wear a Wash + Go for more hydrated curls. You can use our Wash and Go Kit to achieve a moisturized Wash and Go. Here's a sample kit of our Best Seller. 

7. BONUS: If you are confused about how to get started with these tips or how to apply them to your routine check out the CURLMIX METHOD which will teach you how to get the best wash and go ever.

Last Updated: 03/18/2020


Chris Stokes

My problem is humidity & frizz… I dont have African American type hair but “ethnic” all the same. The many products I’ve used leave my hair crunchy, matted down or curls look oily!! Is this a product for me? If so, which one?


I copied from a previous comment which was exactly waht I was thinking…..“So you say to avoid oils and butters. Then what category does jojoba oil come under? And how come that is different?”
Me: Precisely!!!!!! They tell me from the Curlmix ad that my hair could be dry beacuse I use oils or butter found in my produts preventing the water from getting through… and their produtcs have the same ingrdients. I am so confused!!!!!

Linda whittler-Price

which wash and go system would I use. tell me which is best for my hair.


I’m ready to order.. can I have a coupon

Jane Canepa

Kim – hello again I am back from Las Vegas let’s make a date to meet!
Jane Canepa The Eventors

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