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How to Trim Your Hair at Home, With Craft Scissors!


Hi, Kim here, CEO and co-founder of CurlMix. Today, I’m going to be cutting my mom’s hair!

And yes, you read that right. We’re doing a cut on her gray hair with craft scissors.

Because of quarantine, my mom has not been able to have her tapered cut kept up by a professional. And so she's resorting to me, her daughter!

I've never cut my mom's hair before. I've done a taper before, when I've tried it on my oldest son, Zuri.

I've cut my hair before, but I recommend going to a stylist. If you can, go to a stylist that cuts your hair in its curly state.

But if you cannot, like my mom, and you happen to have a curlfriend you trust, she might be able to help you maintain or initiate your cut. I'm going to be cutting my mom's hair today in the video below.

Wish me luck!



Still on the fence about getting a haircut after watching me cut my mother’s hair? 

You might want to give a cut or trim a try. It’s good for your hair!


Here’s 5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Cut or Trim Your Hair


Cutting limits split ends

If you don't cut your hair, it's going to knot at the ends, and that makes it difficult to grow. So if you want your hair to grow, you've got to cut off those dead ends because they will split. 

And when they split, the damage travels up the entire hair strand. 

That's when it starts to break off. 

Even the best serums can’t fix it. Damage just has to be cut.


Get the perfect Wash + Go



The second reason it's important to cut your hair is because it's going to give you the look that you want when you do a Wash + Go. A lot of times people say to me, "Oh my gosh, Kim, you have the best hair!"

But the reason my hair looks so moisturized and amazing is because it's in a shape. That is very much intentional. 

It's cut so that it gives me the look for the perfect Wash + Go. 


Kinky hair knots easily

The third reason it's important to cut your hair is because on kinky or curly hair, and especially type 4 hair... knots are inevitable. 

You're going to get them and they don't go away and you can't untangle them. You just have to cut them. 

So a cut or trim is super important to make sure your hair isn't wrapping around itself and limiting growth.


It prevents damage

The fourth reason it's important to cut your hair is because a lot of us experience damage because we are not doing the proper things to care for our hair. 

For example, many of us are sleeping on cotton pillowcases. We're wearing wool hats and hoodies in the winter, and we're literally just not taking care of our ends. 

Our ends are the oldest pieces of our hair, right? 

And again, if you don't get rid of bad ends — because you can't repair the damage — your hair will break off. You just have to cut bad ends. 

So a regular cut or trim is going to help you maintain healthy strength. 


You fall in love with yourself



And the fifth reason it's important to trim and cut your hair is because it helps you love yourself.

Many of us are afraid to walk around with no hair, to be "bald," to have a low cut, to have a short Wash + Go, or a TWA.

But this doesn't matter, because you learn to fall in love with your new look, and with your face... like I did when my husband, Tim, helped me with my big chop. 

And I think that's the first step for anyone going on their natural hair journey.

You learn to love the natural-textured-you with very little hair. 

Trimming and cutting your hair is going to help you love yourself more.


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So while we try to get like my mom, I still recommend going to a professional.

I’ve done a lot of Wash + Gos goes, you guys.

Between doing my hair and other people's hair, I've probably done at least 75 Wash + Gos goes a year. 

So I know what cuts should look like, but I'm no professional, so definitely see a professional. 

But if you get desperate, maybe this will help you figure out how to cut your natural hair.

When I cut my mom's hair, I was worried at first, but I think it turned out okay! Dare I say even...fabulous.

What do you think about trims and cuts?

Let us know in the comments down below!



I love your video thank you


Great job Kim. I recently had
my hair trimmed. It really makes a difference.


Hi Kim, Your Mom Is Beautiful and Brave. You did a great job. I need a trim 😫 but I will do it the the way my hair stylist would do. I will blow it out and trim the ends🤔😂. I use the sensitive almond 4 step but I also have the deep condtioner and leave in moisturizer but my hair still seems to be dry. I have wavy, loose coily hair which is considered 3A. I also put in a semi permanent rinse to cover my gray which is mostly in the front and when mh hair is parted. I havr not put the rinse in yet, when should I apply the semi permanent color it only last a couple of weeks because products strip the color. Please help!!! Thankyou


Good job Kim!
I’ve been trying to trim my hair, this helps me.
Your mom is pretty.

Karen Reeves

Good job Kim. Your mom has a beautiful curl pattern. Your hair looked great in the video. Thank you for all you and Tim do for the community.

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