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Long Curly Hair : 4 Common Problems Solved!

CurlMix Long Curly Hair Long Natural Hair

Let’s be honest...

Like many curly girls, I began my journey with the goal of having long bouncy effortless curls.

I now know this was due to my misconceptions about hair at the time. 

Thinking, once it’s longer I can throw it in a ponytail and I'm done.

But the truth became clear as my hair grew and I began to experience challenges I never considered.

Now, that hasn’t turned me away from continuing to achieve longer hair growth at all.

It actually forced me to dig a little deeper and seek out ways to make life simpler for myself the longer my hair gets.

Let me show how I did it.

CurlMix Long Curly Hair

Problem #1 - Style and Shape

Growing out long curls can often be a bit bland when there is no shape to the hair.

Let's be real, there are only so many times you can switch the side you place your part before you give up and throw it up into a bun.

Solution: See a professional stylist about a curl shaping cut. 

Go for a style like cutting layers or blouse triangle shape to your hair to give your hair a different look.

Bloused Triangle Cut with Triangle Guide

Basic geometric hair shapes can frame your face and give life to your styles.

Problem #2 Drying hair

Longer hair means a longer dry time!

Gone are the days when I could wash my hair and have it dried before I finished an episode of my favorite Netflix show.

Drying takes time.

And if you don’t have the patience to allow your long hair to set then you will not be happy with your results.

Solution: If you decide to do a Wash + Go use a diffuser.

CurlMix Drying Long Curly Hair with Diffuser

A diffuser cuts down the drying time and gives you more volume.

But what if I want to set hair with a twist out, braid out or bantu knots?

Then apply them in a way that you’re comfortable with wearing them for at least 24 hours.

This way you give yourself the time needed to completely set the hair before taking it down.

Pro tip: Always opt for an indirect heating tool like a hooded dryer or blowdryer over air drying. 

And don’t worry about heat damage.

Tools like a blow dryer, hooded dryer, or a diffuser in constant motion apply heat with less damage.


Problem #3 Too much work

Caring for long hair can be exhausting to the point where we avoid it altogether.

Thinking about the detangling process alone can have you ready to take a big nap instead!

Solution:  Make an effort to not wait more than 5-7 days before you decide to wash your hair again.

CurlMix Detangling long curly hair to remove shed hair

When we are detangling our hair what we are actually doing is freeing our curls of the hair strands that have shed.

It is completely normal to shed 60-100 hairs per day.

Going an extended period of time without detangling shed hair allows it to tangle into your healthy hair.

And this my friend is, as our CurlMix Co-Founder Kim Lewis calls it, “...a detangling nightmare.”

Pro tip: The day before wash day, begin a pre detangling session. Use a Spray Bottle mixed with a little Moisturizer.

Problem #4 More Hair More Money $$

CurlMix Long Curly Hair in Wash Bowl

Ever feel like you use half a bottle when you wash hair and it still feels like you need more?

It makes sense though, right? More hair means, I need to apply more product!


Solution: Instead of adding more product, the key to fixing this problem is using more water!

If you are familiar with CurlMix, then you know how much we stress the importance of water for your hair.

Water helps to enhance slip providing you with ample coverage so that a little goes a long way for you.

Be sure that your hair is soaking wet whenever you apply your products so that you are only applying what you need.

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Be encouraged

Having long curly hair is amazing, even with the world of challenges it comes with.

The important thing to remember is that you are not alone in the desire for a solution. 

All your problems can be solved as long as you want them to be.

Now It’s Your Turn

Leave a comment and let us know what are some of your long hair problems. 

Are you struggling with detangling time? Or are you tired of seeing the bottle of conditioner at the halfway mark after your first use?

Or leave a comment if you found your own unique solution too!

Let us know in the comments.



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