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Loose Curls : 4-Point Checklist to Ensure Your Curls Last Overnight

Picture it…

Last night, you took the time to wash your hair wash and applied your favorite styling products.

Your results were fabulous!

Your curls are bouncy, soft and POPPIN’!

A few hours later you pineapple your lovely tresses in preparation for a sweet slumber.

After a restful sleep and morning shower, you take your hair down to get ready for the day and almost like magic not a curl in sight!

Frustrated and out of time you reach for a brush and tie it back into a ponytail or bun.

What happened?

Let’s find out…

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Did you thoroughly detangle?

 Detangling Curly Hair with a brush

While your hair is completely saturated with water and conditioner, you MUST detangle your lovely tresses. 

It is best to section your hair using as many as you need, you can try to start with 4 and detangle with your fingers or a detangling tool.

If your curls are not thoroughly detangled, knots and tangles will form, resulting in hair that locks around itself making it hard for your curls to define and pop.

Detangling is essential your lasting definition depends on it!

Did you use too much product?

When applying styling products like moisturizers and gels, you want to be sure that you are only applying what you need to hair and NO MORE.

When you are applying a Moisturizer, we recommend only using 1-3 pumps for each section.

Taking it a step further, if you are applying a Gel, apply only as much as you need to cover your curls, the hair should feel slippery. 

Be careful not to overdo it with product application, too much product can weigh the hair down causing it to look flat and greasy.

Did you finger comb your styling products into your hair?

Finger Coming Product into curly hair

Unlike detangling, applying styling products calls for you to gently comb through your hair using your fingers.

If you attempt to add your product to your hair by brushing it through you are going basically brushing all of your definition out.

Take the time to finger comb the product through your and gently scrunch the hair from the ends pushing the hair up to your head to help define your curls.

Did you set your curls with a diffuser?

Loose Curls Set with a Diffuser

If frizz free, long lasting defined curls is the goal, then air drying is not an option for you.

DIffusing or using a hooded dryer will surely provide you with the curls that will last overnight and beyond.

“When diffusing, blowing up or down will yield different results.

Blowing up with the dryer will give you more volume.

While blowing down will give you more length and definition.

The technique depends on the style you're going for.” - Kim Lewis Co-Founder CEO of CurlMix

Now Its Your Turn

Loose Curly Hair Wash and Go

Did you answer yes to everything above?

Excellent, because if it is, then you are about to fall in love with your loose beautiful curls!

I guarantee you will have a hard time passing a mirror without wanting to touch and toss your hair!

Technique is crucial to your results so take your time and make sure you check off each action item in the checklist!

Leave a comment below and let us in on your most recent overnight experience and which one of these tips you could have used to fix it!

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