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New Wash and Go Routine for Low-Porosity Curls

Low-porosity hair is anything but low-maintenance!

If you’re a Curlfriend with low-porosity hair, it’s likely that you’re always searching for ways to keep moisture locked in your hair.


You use the deep conditioning treatments, the moisturizing products, the essential serums...but still no luck, right?


Sometimes, you need to switch it up...starting with your Wash + Go routine!





We’re about to change your Wash Day routine (for the better, of course!). Here’s the lowdown on your low-porosity curls:   

What is Low-Porosity Hair? 

Science says: Low-porosity hair is when your hair shaft structure (which forms the cuticle layer of your hair) is closed.

CurlMix says: Curls that find it a lil challenging to receive hydration (which in turns makes it difficult to get your strands moisturized!).



How Do I Know if I Have Low-Porosity Hair?

You can determine your hair porosity by taking CurlMix’s Porosity Test: 

With cleansed and conditioned curls, pluck a strand to place into a glass of water: 

  • If your strand floats to the top of the glass = your hair likely has low porosity.
  • If your strand floats around the middle of the glass = your hair likely has medium porosity.
  • If your strand falls to the bottom of the glass = your hair likely has high porosity.


You can also keep your eyes open for these signs of low-porosity hair: 

  • Products often just sit on top on your curls, chilling instead of penetrating your strands
  • Build-up and dirt remain present, even after a squeaky clean shampoo and condition 
  • It takes forever and a day for your curls to dry 
  • It also takes forever and a day for your curls to get wet 

How to Improve Your Wash Day Routine with Low-Porosity Hair



We know what you’re thinking: How can we possibly make our 4-Step Wash + Go System even better?!?

We’ll do so by adding a little cha-cha to our original routine. 

Step 1: Slide on your Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo.

Step 2: Slide on your Pure Grapeseed Conditioner and detangle.

REVERSE, REVERSE! Say hello to our Reverse Wash + Go Method!



That’s right, Curlfriends. Don’t reach for your Pure Avocado Moisturizer yet; instead, grab your Pure Flaxseed Gel for your third step.


A little switch-a-roo has never hurt nobody, and it definitely won’t hurt your low-porosity curls. 


By trying out the Reverse Wash + Go Method, moisture will be the very last thing to absorb into your curls. This will help ensure that you're receiving the ultimate hydration that will last throughout your Wash + Go style.


CurlMix Pro Tip: With low-porosity hair, it’s absolutely essential that you style your Wash + Go in the shower. The steam will help the moisture penetrate your strands more effectively.






How have you switched up your Wash + Go routine for your specific curl needs? Let us know your methods in the comments!

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