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Want a Protective Style? Check Out These 3 Shocking Myths First!

If you don’t know, now you know: Protective styles aren’t our cup of curl. 

Of course, we’re #TeamHealthy with our classic Wash + Go’s, but we know our CurlMixers like to switch it up sometimes. 

We’re not going to knock you trying out a new look, but are you sure you’re really protecting your natural hair?






When it comes to protective styles, this is what you think will happen for you and your curls: 

“My hair’s going to grow so much!” (Hmmm...okay.)

“I get to miss out on Wash Day and just oil my scalp!” (Not cleansing your hair and letting product build-up into mold...okay.)

“I’m so excited to not touch my hair for the next two months!” (Leaving your strands alone long enough for them to get matted beyond relief...okay.)



Protective styles aren’t always so protective, but nonetheless, we can’t stop you and your curls from trying something new.

We can, however, get you hip to the truth behind protective styles: 

Natural Hair Myth #1: Protective styles will help grow your hair out.

The Curl Hard Truth: A healthy hair care regimen will grow your hair out.

We’re sorry to crush this false sense of hope, but it has to be done!





Yes, while your hair is in protective styling, it’s nice that it’s not being manipulated or styled daily. That is a healthy hair habit that we’ll give props to.

However, that doesn’t guarantee that your natural hair will grow while being covered and unbothered.

Often, you’re given an illusion of hair growth while in protective styles. 

You think you see your roots showing off and showing out, but really, it’s just that your braids or twists are getting old and it’s time for them to be taken down. 

The only way to grow your hair is to practice healthy hair care habits, such as ensuring your scalp is clean and making sure your strands are moisturized





There are no styles (protective or not) that will magically grow your hair to your wildest desire.

Natural Hair Myth #2: You can’t wash your hair while in a protective style.

The Curl Hard Truth: You absolutely should shampoo and condition your natural hair while in a style.

When there’s a will...there’s a wash!





Although it may feel like a chore, it’s actually necessary to continue to wash your curls even while they’re tucked away in a protective style.

By cleansing and conditioning your scalp, you’re still keeping the roots of your strands healthy and hydrated.

Additionally, if you really want to get your scrub on, you can even wash your natural hair that may be sticking out of the actual protective style. 



(Fair warning though: doing the previously mentioned will result in your braids feeling heavy and weighed down, which can be harmful for your neck!)

If you decide not to give your strands a full shampooing and conditioning, you can always use a scalp treatment to show your scalp some love.

Natural Hair Myth #3: You can leave your protective style in for up to 2 months.

The Curl Hard Truth: You should only leave your protective style in for up to 2 weeks...if you want to cultivate healthy hair.

It’s your curl, CurlMixer...we’re just trying to keep it healthy.

You can do whatever you want to your natural hair, but let’s think about what your curls need! 



Natural hair needs to breathe, and it’s simply unhealthy to keep them trapped under a protective style for a long period of time.

Plus, the longer you leave your natural hair tucked in a protective style, the more likely it’ll become matted when you finally do take them out.

This matted hair will only make it more challenging for you to detangle your strands safely after your protective style, so it’s not ideal to leave it in for too long.

Instead, you should aim to only keep your protective style in for up to two weeks. Keeping it short and sweet is essential for you to slide back into your simple hair care routine





While it can be beneficial to let your curls do their own thing, you don’t want them to go completely untouched for too long!

Anytime you do decide to wear a protective style, it’s important that you cleanse your hair immediately after you take that style down. We’re talking about a full Wash Day

How do you like to protect your curls while in a protective style? Let us know your healthy hair habits down below: 


Ossie Regan

I only wear wash and goes and I love CurlMix unscented formula.

Denise Cheatham

please help I need to know at night what do I do with my hair ? do I tie it down with a silk scarf or should I use a silk bonnet and just sleep on it ? is there something special I should do to it ? please help me, for the owner , how do you sleep at night with your hair

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