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3 Natural Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing In

3 Natural Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing In


Let's get into the curl-hard truth.


There are a lot of hair trends going around...and you’re believing them too quickly.




Hair influencers, as nice as their content can be, don’t always know best. Unless it’s a licensed stylist or hair professional, it’s safe to assume that their tips and advice could be incorrect.

We’re just going to call it what it is: false information are lies. Lies will only hurt your hair health.

For the sake of your curls, let’s dive into the truth about a few recent hair trends: 





Myth #1: Rice Water Will Grow Your Curls 

It’s likely that you’ve heard of this DIY concoction, made popular by natural hair gurus and influencers on YouTube. 


By mixing together uncooked rice and water, naturalistas everywhere did the #RiceWaterChallenge in hopes of experiencing miraculous hair growth

We have some news, Curlfriend: rice water will not grow your hair!

To be fair, there are some notable benefits to using rice water: 

These factors do give your curls a good foundation to potentially achieve growth. However, rice water alone is not a promise of extraordinary growth

Myth #2: Overnight Conditioning is Good for Your Curls 

Deep conditioning has proven to give beneficial results, such as: 



Here’s a huge deep conditioning fact: once your hair is conditioned, it can’t get any more conditioned with time.

Leaving your deep conditioner in for only 15-20 minutes is essential; this way, the nutrients are able to penetrate your hair shafts properly. 

If you leave it in any longer (especially overnight), the product will instead sit ontop of your curls, rather than getting in there and working its magic. This can result in: 

  • Mold in your hair 
  • Itchy scalp
  • More build-up 

Next time you deep condition, stick to the recommended time of 15-20 minutes. It only takes a little to leave a big impact!


Myth #3: Finger-Detangling is The Best Option 

Finger-detangling definitely has its pros: 

  • Less pressure and tension on your strands
  • Ability to focus more on particular knots and tangles
  • Can help prevent breakage and less shedding 

While finger-detangling can be ideal in a lot of curly circumstances, that doesn’t necessarily make it the best choice. 

The space between your fingers is smaller than hair tools. This means it’s likely you’ll end up missing a good share of fairy knots, single strands, and other tangles.


Your fingers are also prone to missing shed hair, which will only lead to more knots in the future.

Finger-detangling requires a certain amount of patience, and even then, it can still have its cons. However, safe hair tools, such as our Flex Brush, are ideal to use while detangling.



Moving Away From These Myths

We don’t mean to crush your curls, but hair knowledge plays a huge role in how you can maintain good hair health.

Before you try out any popular hair trend, be sure to do a little digging first to determine if it’s right for your curls and hair routine.

Which of these myths shocked you the most? Which trend have you been interested in learning more about? Let us know down below in the comments!

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May 28, 2021

Thanks for publishing these hair myths! With all the information out there its hard to decifer whats fact and fiction.

Catherine E Butler

May 05, 2021

Years ago, when newly natural again, my overnight conditioning prepoo turned into days because of back pain. It loosened the curls around the parameter of my head. Never did that again. Ages ago, following instructions of the products worked, and it still does. Back in the day we didn’t use more money and time with prepooing either. Need to be very careful doing some things from Social Media and consider the sources.

vina henderson

May 04, 2021

hair health: especially when one takes medication which seems to cause hairvloss and thinning hair


May 04, 2021

what works for dry natural gray hair?

Lybbia Cabello

May 04, 2021

I can’t agree with you about the rice water treatments. I’ve had experience with using rice water the Proper way. And every time I used it there was a noticeable boost in my growth cycle as well as strengthening my strands. When it’s made the proper way it does not stink as some would assume. Following “trends” will not always work. Proper research and application methods are key to any treatment. The same thing was said about aloe years ago and now it’s in every product new on the market.

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