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The Best Protein Treatment for Natural Hair

Here's a major hair fact: Our hair is made up of approximately 91% protein.


In other words, our hair IS protein.


Protein is a necessary building block for nourished, strong and healthy hair.


It's not always easy to tell when you need to add protein to help your hair grow stronger and longer.


Not only will we tell what you need to look for, but we will give you an amazing free recipe for a quick DIY protein treatment!

Signs You Need a Protein Treatment for your Hair: 

  • Low-elasticity Curls: If you try to stretch your hair while wet (or dry) and it doesn’t snap back or return to its natural pattern or curl definition 
  • Limp, stringy or gummy feeling when curls are wet.
  • Excessive dryness and breakage.
  • If your curls have been chemically-treated or heat-treated 


    Now that you know what to look for, give your curls a check!

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    What is a protein treatment?


    A protein treatment is a conditioner that binds proteins to the cuticle layer of your hair strands, making them stronger and less likely to be damaged in the future.



    There are tons of different protein treatments on the market, but at CurlMix, we believe that the best protein treatment for hair is one that you could mix for yourself.


    Here's the best DIY protein treatment you can use to bring your limp and brittle curls back to life:  

    DIY Protein Treatment for Curly Hair 


    • 5 chunks of raw shea butter.
    • 2 tbsp unrefined, organic coconut oil.
    • 5 tbsp organic castor oil.
    • 1 cup Greek yogurt.
    • 1 tbsp raw organic honey.
    • 1 egg.




      1. Heat coconut oil for 30 seconds.
      2. Heat shea butter for 1 minute and mix with coconut oil.
      3. Combine mixture with remaining ingredients. You can also use a blender for easier mixing.
      4. Apply to hair and leave on for 20 - 30 minutes with heat. 1 hour without heat.


      What Makes This the Best Protein Treatment for Natural Hair? 


      This recipe uses some of the most powerful protein-packed ingredients.


      Shea butter is known for its exceptional moisturizing and therapeutic properties on both skin and hair.


      Honey is a natural humectant (attracts moisture). It’s also full of antioxidants and nutrients that promotes hair growth.


      Coconut oil, castor oil, Greek yogurt, and egg are all naturally rich in protein making this DIY treatment essential for every curly girl to have on hand.


      Be careful not to overload your hair with protein.


      Too much protein in hair can cause you strands to become excessively dry and brittle, which can eventually lead to hair breakage.


      You should only be using a protein treatment periodically if you notice your hair is lacking. (We recommend once a month!)




      How do you incorporate protein into your healthy hair regimen? Let us know your protein treatments for curly hair down below!




      please I wish to know how to incorporate the protein treatment into my regime. Do I wash my hair first before doing this treatment? Also do I deep condition my hair after a protein treatment or I’ll just do a conditioner, leave in,…

      Jess Williams

      This was very informative! I am going to start doing this once a month rotating with your wash and go kit and the DIY instructions you provided!


      I use aphroghee. not sure of the spelling. or just a scrambled egg.


      Very much informative blog post. Thank you for sharing the information. And we are also offering the similar services. For more details please visit our website non surgical hair replacement for women.

      Fridah Mungalaba

      please help my hair to be natural and curly again😭

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