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Short Curly Hair Bob : Beautiful Inspirational Looks for Every Curl Type

CurlMix Short Curly Bob Cut on Type 4 Hair Hero

Who said long curly hairstyles get to have all the fun?!

I absolutely love a great short curly bob.

There is so much sass in this style, it can’t be ignored!

I honestly felt like it was my duty to showcase some of the most beautiful curly bobs out there.

I collected some of our beautiful CurlMixers rocking their take on a curly bob!

And I show you how you can get your own

So without further ado... 

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What is a curly bob?

A curly bob or even just a simple, bob cut is a short- to the medium-length haircut where the hair is cut straight around the head at about jaw-level, often with bangs. 

The standard bob is normally cut somewhere between the tips of the ears, and the shoulders.

There is a lot of room to get creative, even with this short style and curly hair can add layers and definition, for a unique look.

How can I get a curly bob cut?

We always suggest cutting your hair how you wear it most often.

For most curlies that means finding a stylist who can cut your hair in it’s curly state, no heat, straitening!

If you want the best style check out the Cut It Kinky stylist directory  so you can find the right stylist for your best curly bob style

Curly Bob Hair Cut on Type 4 Hair

CurlMix Short Curly Bob Cut on Type 4 Hair

Image by: CurlMixer Erica M.

I love the way the curls fall forward framing her face!

CurlMix Curly Bob Cut on Type 4 Hair

Image by: @ashleyaurion

This stacked curly bob which is a cut in graduated layers to create a round, full shape, looks stunning on any hair type. 

Don’t you agree?!

Curly Bob Hair Cut on Type 3 Hair

CurlMix Short Curly Bob Cut on Type 3 Hair

Image by: CurlMixer Lena

CurlMixer Lena wears an angled curly bob which features a short back and a longer front. 

CurlMix Curly Bob Cut on Type 3 Hair

Image by: @curlygirllina

Her stacked bob brings so much fullness to her Wash + Go!

Curly Bob Hair Cut on Type 2 Hair

CurlMix Curly Bob Cut on Type 2 Hair

Image by: @thedesignerteacher

A layered curly bob is so versatile, I love how much body Sarah has!

CurlMix Short Curly Bob Cut on Type 2 Hair

Her  A-Line bob is simply beautiful!

How to maintain a Curly Hair Bob Haircut

The most important thing to remember with any style is to maintain a healthy hair regimen.

You want to ensure that you are using products that not only nourish your beautiful bob but also bring out the best in what your hair naturally has to offer.

Check out The CurlMix Method for step by step usage videos on every hair type, texture, and style.

Before You Go!

If you want more Curly Bob Inspiration Check out these galleries Type 2 Gallery and Mixed Gallery

Share with us below your favorite curly bob style! 

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