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Short Curly Hair : 3 Reasons to Love Your Hair Like I Do

I love my short curly hair. I love it so much!

But that wasn’t always the case... 

The first time I attempted to cut my hair in the summer of 2018 but, the salon did not know what to do with my hair.

Instead of cutting it the proper way, they butchered my hair. 

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The front of my head was poppin’, but  the middle and back had me asking, 

“How Sway?” 

BUT I rocked it ANYWAY! 

Until a few month’s later when, before venturing off on holiday, I shaved my hair bald in December of 2018. 

It was the most freeing experience of my life! 

Though within a few weeks it became an itchy one once my hair began to grow back. LOL.

CurlMix Short Curly Hair Ashley Bali Photo

Anyway, I didn’t know what would come from this new transformation.

However, there were themes that have continued to resonate throughout my time having short curly hair. 

Here are my top 3 reasons why you should love your short curly hair:

  1. Freedom
  2. Confidence
  3. Time

Short Curly Hair Gives You Freedom 

I no longer felt like I was being weighed down. 

I felt lifted. 

CurlMix Short Curly Hair Ashley Photo

India Arie’s ‘I Am Not My Hair’, became my anthem. 

It is interesting to me how often our crown of hair is attached to deeper things in our lives. 

However, rocking my short kinky tightly coiled curly hair has taken on a new identity for me. 

Essentially transforming my life in so many great ways. 

Short Curly Hair Gives You Confidence 

When I shaved my hair off, I felt I could do anything. 

There were no limitations. 

The sky, who? My confidence skyrocketed which affected many other areas of my life. 

CurlMix Short Curly Hair Ashley Shower Photo


Short Curly Hair Gives You Time

Wearing my hair short has freed up so much more of my time. 

As an individual who deeply despises wasting time rocking my short hair has given me my time back. 

I am not joking at all. I used to spend hours attempting to get my hair “just right”, now my hair is always the way I like it. 

I love having my hair short. 

The time spent washing and detangling my hair has been cut into half. 

Granted the length of my hair is shorter but using my CurlMix Pure Grapeseed Conditioner has helped immensely. 

I enjoy the flexibility and low maintenance of my hair. 

Don’t get me wrong you still need to ensure you are taking care of your hair properly. It is hair after all. :)

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Leave a comment below and tell us how much you love your short curly hair.

What’s 1 reason you enjoy keeping your curly hair short and what are your favorite products to use? 

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Sandra Jackson

I love so many products by Curlmix, but my signature goto products are the vanilla berry and their watermelon line. My reasons are with the watermelon line, I began my healthy hair journey with that particular line for hair growth and the benefits hemp seed oil provided. I later tried the vanilla berry line for strengthing my hair. My tight kinky curly coils really loved the castor oil and its benefits, it also gave me a stronger hold, which allowed me to achieve a 5 day style. That alone speaks volume for me. Curlmix products has truly been a Game Changer for me and my healthy hair journey.

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