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The Best Short Curly Hair Wash and Go Routine

Hey girl! 

What is your go-to, weekly hair routine? 

If you are anything like me you when I first went natural, then you are probably lost.

I transitioned from relaxed hair in 2011 and was at a loss of how I would feed my curls regularly. 

I searched the interwebs and stumbled upon Wash + Go’s. 

And I was like, wait a minute... 

So, all you have to do is wash your hair and go about your day/week? 

Ayyee! That was right up my alley. :)

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Discovering the wash and go style

I was desperately searching for a style that would fit my needs. It had to be:

  • Low manipulation
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to keep my curls moisturized
  • Easy to get my curls defined and poppin’. 

I would see other individuals with gorgeous long curly hair who were rocking Wash and Go’s,

And I thought I couldn’t achieve those kinds of results because of my hair length. 


The difference between those with short curls and ones with longer curls is styling  — so no need to compare.

Short curly hair is the! 

CurlMix Short Curly Hair TWA Afro

Below I have outlined my favorite way to get my curls to pop following the 4 step CurlMix Method.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Condition
  3. Moisturize
  4. Style

Step 1. Cleanse

CurlMix Cleansing Short Curly Hair

Saturate your hair thoroughly with water. Water is your friend, girl. 

You can easily do this by doing your wash and go in the shower!

Next, once you have saturated your beautiful hair, add your clarifying shampoo and gently massage the product throughout your scalp and hair. 

The goal here is to ensure that your scalp is free from build-up

I will let you in on a little secret…

To help spread the product and make it more pliable on your hair, make sure to emulsify the product between your hands and then apply it to your scalp and hair. 

Trust me; you will be happy you took this extra step instead of putting the product directly onto your hair. 

How often should you cleanse your short curly hair? 

It depends on your lifestyle and environment. Though, you to be careful not to over-cleanse.

If you work out several times a week or work in an environment where your hair is exposed to various elements, maybe twice a week, if not, cleansing your hair once a week is enough. 

Step 2. Condition

CurlMix Conditioning and Detangling Short Curly Hair

Who loves conditioning their hair? I know I do.

At this point in the process, things are beginning to rev up but we have to slow this step down to get the most out of it.

I now apply conditioner to my hair and leave it on for a few minutes. 

How long should you leave the conditioner in your hair? 

5-10 minutes is preferred but it is your preference and based on what your hair needs.

The longer you leave it in, the greater the deep conditioning effect.

Do you finger detangle or use a detangling tool? 

I like to do both. My hair is denser and my curl pattern requires a bit more than just my fingers during the detangling process.

The goal is to be able to pass through the hair freely without encountering any tangles, shed hair, knots. 

Start with your fingers and finish with a brush to be sure all that shed hair is gone.

Step 3. Moisturize

CurlMix Moisturize and Style Short Curly Hair

I rinse out my conditioner and apply my moisturizer of choice to my hair. 

Again your hair should be soaking wet at this stage too, you need moisture and water is the best.

Take your time and make sure your moisturizer is evenly distributed throughout your hair. 

There is no rushing this step. 

Thoroughly cover all strands with moisturizer. You can add more water if you need to help the product spread more evenly. 

Water is critical as it will absorb into your hair, most moisturizers will just sit on top of the hair shaft to lock-in moisture.

Step 4. Style 


Lastly, I like to add a gel.

CurlMix’s Pure Flaxseed Gel is a favorite of mine. I love how lightweight the gel is. 

After you have applied your gel of choice, then you can proceed with setting your hair. 

How you set your hair depends on how you like it. You can shake your hair to allow it to fall into place naturally.

But not too much because friction equals frizz.

If you have really kinky or tightly coiled hair and want to fight shrinkage and retain length then the hairdryer is your friend.

The importance of drying your hair is that the dryer sets the curly hair in place.

Air drying may lead to more shrinkage. Additionally, setting your hair allows you to obtain more extended longevity than air drying. 

Now it’s your turn

Leave a comment below with an essential tip on how you refresh your weekly Wash and Go or tell why you love your favorite detangling tool.



i recently permed my hair. it’s naturally slightly wavy. can I use thus product? thanks!

Valeria Knox

Please help love all the products BUT the gel makes my hair hard. I have short hair and I initially used the recommended 2 pumps. the second time I reduced it down to one pump and it was a little. steer. so I like the look but not the feel. Am I doing something wrong or what would you really recommend?

Norene H Baker

Hi, While I do love this product I find that with short hair I sometime have to add the moisturizer and gel the next day to achieve a good look. The first day is spectacular. Please help if I am doing something wrong. I sleep with a bonnet on at night. Maybe my hair is too short? Any suggestions are welcome.

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