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The Celebration of Black History

The Celebration of Black History

Happy first day of Black History Month, CurlMixers!


Black History Month is the time to put an extra emphasis on the magnificence of our Black culture. There’s a lot to celebrate: fantastic milestones, innovative and admirable figures, progress within the community...the list of achievements goes on and on. As a Black-owned company, we could not be more proud to honor the past of Black History.




As a Black-owned company, we also couldn’t be more grateful to be present in Black History.

We are Black History.

CurlMix is Black-owned (by our phenomenal founders), Black-operated (by our incredible staff), and we serve a community of color that especially includes Black families. We once had a dream of selling DIY kits to nourish and uplift curls everywhere; that dream manifested into a reality of starting a whole line of products, with a variety of scents to your curls’ delight. 



Inspired by the past of our Black history, we continue to dream. It’s actually more of a daydream; everyday, we get together with our family (between our employees and the CurlMix community, it’s a lot of love going on!) to put our curls together to create products with clean ingredients that you and your family can find health and joy in. 

Since we’ve started CurlMix, we’ve had the pleasure of serving a diverse range of hair. Curls, coils, and everything in between...it’s beautiful. It’s monumental. And it’s definitely worth a celebration!

This month, we’ll be celebrating the diverse families that are a part of our CurlMix community. Want to hop in on this celebration? Submit a photo of you and your family, all proudly adorning different hair textures and curls. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #WeAreBlackHistory!



Just like us, you and your family are also living, breathing examples of Black History. Let us rejoice with you! (P.S. we encourage you to use this as a personal mantra as well! Try repeating “I am Black History” daily while styling your curls.)

Black History is alive, and everyday, we get to make an impact on curls and culture. We are Black History.

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