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The Science Behind Dry Hair - The Ultimate Dry Hair Guide: Part 3

The Science Behind Dry Hair - The Ultimate Dry Hair Guide: Part 3

In the third part of The Ultimate Dry Hair Guide, we want to break down the science behind most cases of dry hair.

Have you ever felt like your curls and coils were brittle and no matter what you did, they just couldn’t produce the shine they have been capable of in the past? 

Well, that’s usually because of a lack of hydration. 

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Your hair’s structure



Each of your strands of hair is made up of three layers: the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle. 

The outer layer — the cuticle — protects the other two inner layers to help keep your hair healthy because it’s rich in protein and locks in the water received when you hydrate your hair. 

And like your brain, your hair’s inner medulla and cortex layers tell it what to do — think of them as the brains of your entire hair operation.

These inner layers also reflect light, which leads to the appearance of major shine when your hair is healthy and properly hydrated. 

That contrasts with your hair in a drier state, so much of the water acquired during proper hydration disperses from your strands. 

Porosity matters too



Your hair’s porosity is also another major factor to consider. 

Defined as the degree to which your hair can absorb and retain water, having either low, normal, or high porosity hair can help you as you determine how prone your strands are to dryness. 



From there you must take specific steps to combat dryness based on your porosity. 

Nothing to worry about though! Everyone’s hair falls into some category of porosity.



If your hair is low porosity, it means water is not easily absorbed into your hair’s shaft because of its structure. 

Thus, water may not be hydrating your hair as needed (at least not without the help of heat), and moisturizing products can’t penetrate very well. 



If you have medium porosity hair, water and other products absorb into your hair at something of a constant rate.

Medium porosity hair retains water easily.

And if your hair is high porosity, moisturizing products, oils, and water all absorb easily into your hair, but your hair still has difficulty retaining water as well as medium porosity does.



So, how do you know if your hair has low or high porosity? Check out our guides on both here and here.

And be sure to tune in next week to find out what causes dry hair.

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Edited by: Faith Cummings 

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