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The Ultimate Dry Hair Guide: Part 1

The Ultimate Dry Hair Guide: Part 1

We’re all about hair care routines that are not only celebratory of your natural strands, but also preventative so your curls and coils can easily bounce back from any concerns that arise. 


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And let’s face it: one problem we all share is dryness.



It’s happened to us all. Sometimes for reasons we can pinpoint like hair color and stress, to a whole host of times when we just can’t figure out the cause.

There are even periods when we’ve followed the step-by-step routines prescribed to us by world-renowned hairstylists and vloggers, without any change to our hair and how moisturized it is. 

It can make us feel like dryness is just our hair’s natural state, but we’re here to let you know —

This is NOT true!

It’s not so much about ‘fixing’ dry hair, as it is paying a different kind of attention to your curls and coils.

You see, you need to know what to do to avoid dryness, or you need to know how to nip dryness in the bud so it doesn't last for an extended period of time. 



It does require patience and time, a deeper understanding of your hair, and professionals to help you along the way because having a great stylist you can trust is always a good thing.

We understand your dry hair frustration and we want to help, so we’re bringing you a guide to understand why your hair is experiencing dryness, what causes thirsty strands, and how you can remedy them.



This Ultimate Guide to Dry Hair is broken up into 4 parts, so be sure to tune back in each week for the full story!


So, about dry hair...


First, you should know that dry hair is a complicated issue. 

You won't find a single cause of it, nor a single solution. But where you can start is by taking a survey of your diet and water intake. 

What you put in your body is one of the biggest factors of your health and hair health is a branch of overall health. 

It’s not all about product, as eating clean, organic foods and healthy fats directly affect the strength of your hair follicles. 

Making sure your diet consists of vitamin A-rich spinach, collagen production-boosting blueberries, yogurt that is brimming with probiotics, biotin-heavy walnuts, and countless other foods will put you on the track to healthy hair and away from the track of dryness.


You are what you drink!

How much water you’re drinking is also a pivotal factor in how your hair is growing and how strong it is. We recommend drinking two liters of water a day to start, as you’ll notice that a dehydrated body also means dehydrated hair. 

Products alone do not infuse moisture into our curls and coils: water does that from the inside out. And when your hair is thirsty for moisture, it can become brittle and prone to split ends and breakage.


How to figure your hair out

At CurlMix, we also talk about hair all day, every day, so be sure to check out our other articles on common hair concerns. Our blog also goes back years and has some in-depth knowledge about a slew of hair issues.

You may already find that your dry hair issues have been remedied after making those necessary dietary and water intake changes. 

But if you want to be equipped with more information to tackle your dry hair once and for all, you can use our guide as an addendum to what you’ve already learned.

 Edited by: Faith Cummings

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LaDawn Bradley

September 29, 2020

I really like using curl mix but I’m still having some issues. Does anyone have a good hair stylist to refer in houston Tx?
I need a good natural hair cut

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