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Top 5 Mistakes Made When Using CurlMix

Kim Lewis CEO and CoFounder of CurlMix wash and go

Let’s face it…

If you are new to CurlMix there is a bit of a learning curve.

We have found that more often than not, you might be freestyling your product application technique.

But thousands of CurlMixers have mastered the CurlMix Method to get the best Wash and Go Ever

And you can too!

This post will help you get past the top 5 the most common issues for new CurlMixers.

Let’s get started...

Have you ever found yourself saying…

This product does not work for me? My hair feels dry. Why am I not achieving the definition I wanted? Why does it flake so much? 

These are the most frequently expressed concerns of first-time CurlMixers. 

But they are all probably due to the number one mistake

#1 Not using enough water 

Kim Lewis CEO and CoFounder of CurlMix hair in the shower


Water is your best friend. 

Water is the only thing that can truly add moisture to your hair

If you do not add water when applying creams, oils, gels, and moisturizers, you are killing the effectiveness of the product.

Do you ever wonder why the look you achieve while your hair is soaking wet after conditioning is not the look you end up with when it is dry?

If you wait too long, say to step out of the shower, grab a towel, and set yourself up to style your hair, you are now applying your products to damp hair.

You need to keep your hair dripping wet.

 Kim Lewis CEO and CoFounder of CurlMix dripping wet hair


CurlMix products are formulated to define, enhance, and give a strong yet soft hold to your curls at the time of application.

This means if your hair is now damp, it is more frizzy and undefined, which will result in your end style being frizzy and undefined. 

So...STAY IN THE SHOWER so that you can keep your hair soaking wet while applying your products.

The water will also add weight to your hair that will help you retain more length in the final style as well.

Take your time and enjoy your shower. 

Treat yourself!

#2 Not properly cleansing your hair

Kim Lewis CEO CurlMix Cleanse Hair in the Shower

CurlMix is a lightweight product and will not be able to penetrate the hair strand if your scalp and hair have build-up

When you have build-up your hair might look good a feel slippery but it’s really just covered in layers of product that block out moisture.

Our Curly hair experts say that you should think of your hair like a dirty dish. 

Before you wash it with soap, the texture on the surface is slippery due to residue from food particles. 

Let’s call the residue build-up.

Now let’s suppose that you apply just dish soap, no water and don’t rinse it off, is the dish clean?

Clearly, it is not, what you have done instead is added another layer of product residue or buildup to the dish. 


Product Build Up on the Hair Strand Demo

This is what happens to your hair when it is not clean prior to reapplying products without thoroughly cleansing the hair with a clarifying shampoo.

When your hair is truly clean, it will feel a bit squeaky; this is often confused with the assumption that your hair is stripped and dry. 

However, don’t fear this; it means your hair is clean!

Our Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo is a gentle clarifying shampoo that will thoroughly cleanse your scalp removing product build-up and laying the proper foundation for the best Wash + Go EVER!

#3 Not properly detangling your hair

Kim Lewis CEO and CoFounder of CurlMix detangling hair

First, remember only to detangle your curly hair when it is soaking wet during the application of step 2 the Pure Grapeseed Conditioner

This helps to ease the detangling process by lubricating and conditioning the strand making it easier for your detangling tools to slide through your hair without causing unnecessary tension.

Detangling helps eliminate shed hair that can cause tangles, knots, and frizz which can rob you of definition in the end.

We recommend using our CurlMix Flex Brush to ensure that you are removing all shed hairs that may have fallen out in-between wash days.

Yet, keep in mind, brushes, and combs are great for detangling, however, they aren't the best for defining the curl with gel in the hair.

Once you complete your detangling you can let the brushes and combs go. 

Because when you apply the styling products the best tool is your hands.

#4 Not allowing your hair to set

Setting the curl with indirect heat diffuser

It is very key to "set" your hair if you want the style to last.

You can think of a wash and go like a roller set you have to “set” those curls to keep your definition.

We often hear our lovely new CurlMixers express that they did not like their results, that their hair wasn’t defined, soft or pretty like the results from other more experienced CurlMixers.

And it’s almost certain that they did not use an indirect heat source to “set” the style.

This step, unlike all of the other CurlMix Method steps, is optional but…

Trust us, your results will be better.

You see, just air drying allows the hair to more tightly coil and decreases the amount of definition. 

You won't incur heat damage as it isn't direct heat like a flat iron. 

Tools like a blow dryer, hooded dryer, or a diffuser in constant motion apply heat with less damage.

Once the curl is “set” with heat, hands-off! 

Any manipulation while wet or after steps 3-4 have been applied will disturb your curl pattern and hurt your results.

I know it’s hard, your curls will be poppin’ but keep your hands off your hair to avoid frizz!

#5 Using too much product

I don’t know about you, but before using the CurlMix Method, I was guilty of being HEAVY handed when applying products.

Growing up my Aunt Helen would always say, “You gotta add a little extra baby.” 

Even when extra wasn’t needed.

Many of us have this same misconception about the way products work in the hair. 

More = Better right?! 

Not with hair products!

We are often over saturating our hair with products rather than saturating the hair with water and applying only what product is needed.

This misunderstanding is most often held by those who assume that products are what give you curls.

But the truth is, CurlMix products are formulated to enhance your current beautiful curl pattern that exists naturally.

You do not have to pile on the product in order to enhance your curls.

Our products have a ton of slip, so long as the hair is dripping wet a dime or nickel size amount on small sections will provide ample coverage for your beautiful hair.

Also, if you use too much gel you run the risk of ending up with crunchy, flaky hair.

Your day one hair will have a crisp cast to hold the style, and it will soften over time, that's how gel works.

But your hair should still move, not be stiff, hard, and crunchy.

So save your coins and use only what you need.

Now it’s your turn

CurlMix Wash and Go works on Multiple curl types

In short, the best way to ensure you are using CurlMix properly is by using The CurlMix Method

It may feel like a long process depending on the length and density of your hair. 

But it has been tested over and over by thousands of CurlMixers successfully. 

Now go and experience your best Wash + Go Ever!

P.S.- Leave a comment and let us know what part of the CurlMix method you were struggling with and tell us which one of these tips you will incorporate into your next wash and go!



March 27, 2020

While I love the concept of supporting our businesses, I was not happy with the product. I am blaming it on operator error for the most part. When purchased, I bought the trial size, no scent. I admit the first time using it, I went too fast, I was tired of being in the shower. The second time I was mentally prepared. I took my time with every step, still, I looked like a Chia Pet. Upset, to say the least, I threw the rest of the product in the trash. My hair when blown out comes past my shoulders, when twisted, it comes to below my ear. With that said, I have a lot of shrinkage. I want to try the product again, but with real results, any advice is welcomed.

Kathryn Brown

March 27, 2020

I ordered the lavender wash and go set. I was so excited to use this product and see my natural curl pattern. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to stay in the shower that long, (I’m pushing 60), and think this is why I didn’t experience the results I hoped for…I will be trying the shower method this time and am hoping for better results. I really want to support your product. Also, I work in production and keep my hair covered up, because I work with pigment and the color gets on everything, should I kept my hair braided or twisted up during this time???


March 27, 2020

I used your product twice now to see if the results were the same. I followed the instructions and did the steps in the shower. The first time my hair was extremely dry and hard. The 2nd time I used less product more water and the results were the same. I had some curl pattern in the top but my sides and back which are shorter was dry and matted the next day. I don’t think this product works with my 4c kinky hair. Any suggestions

Linda Allen

March 27, 2020

I purchased your sensitive skin hair system a little less than a month ago and my scalp has been itchy and dry since using your product. I went to my dermatologist on Wednesday and she said my scalp was dry and prescribed a scalp oil that I’m currently using. Also before going to the doctor I did order your lavender oil that I’m expecting today. Hoping you can help, I love your products plus I want to support your business!


March 23, 2020

I am retired so I normally twist my hair after shampooing, conditioning etc. Do you have specific instructions for twist outs?

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