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Sisterhood of the Traveling Curl: 4 Tips for Naturals on the Road

Excited for end-of-the-summer trips? 


Yeah, we bet.

Not so excited about keeping your curls fly while getting these flights booked? 


Yeah...we bet!

You can still cultivate healthy curls while on the road, CurlMixer!





Follow these travel tips for curly hair: 


Pack Your Favorite Products 

Now you know that your curls can’t afford to miss out on your hair routine...even if you are moving and shaking on vacation.

If you’re groaning at the thought of packing your full-sized Wash + Go kits...don’t even trip.

We have the perfect solution for you: our sample kits!



TSA-approved and curl-approved, our sample kits still have the healthy ingredients that your curls cherish. 

Same clean and natural ingredients. Same scent your curls love. Sized for your summer travel convenience!


(Also) Pack Your Favorite Hair Tools

    Worried about leaving behind your precious collection of hair tools? Don’t sweat it, CurlMixer. You can bring the whole curly crew with you!

    Of course, it’s essential that you bring along your favorite products. But sometimes, you’ll need an extra hand to help style your curls to your desire.



    Don’t forget to pack these must-have hair tools for your summer traveling: 

    Pick up one of our signature Travel Bags to keep these important hair tools (and your sample-sized goodies!) secure during your travel.


    Twist for Travel 


    You want to spend your vacation enjoying yourself...not trying to style your curls, right? 



    That’s why it’s always nice to twist it up sometimes! 

    Here’s a CurlMix Pro Tip that may turn your travel style around: put your curls into twists the day before you leave for vacation.

    Depending on how long your getaway is, you can rock these twists for the first day and then wear a poppin’ twist-out (or braid-out!) for the rest of the trip! 



    This style is simple, convenient, and produces amazing results that will last your entire trip.

    (Another CurlMix Pro Tip: don’t forget to use our Pure Regrowth Serum to take down your twists for extra shine and definition!)

    Alternative: You can also do a Wash + Go either the day before or the day of your trip as well. Our Wash + Go’s can last up to seven days with the proper TLC!


    Don’t Forget to Sleep Tight

      Honest opinion: we believe that bonnets have the right to be everywhere the curls are.

      It does not matter if you’re in a plane; on a train; or driving in a lane...bonnets are welcomed!





      We’re not going to let you slack on your night routine just because you’re out living your best curly life.

      While on vacation, don’t forget to bring your hair scarf (or your satin pillowcase). Your curls still deserve a good night’s rest!

      Bonus Tip 

      Are you going to be taking a dip during your trip? Check out this blog to learn how to keep your curls nice and breezy, even while you’re swimming!





      These tips will keep your curls in tip-top shape for all of your travels!

      Where will you and your curls be vacationing before summer officially ends? Let us know your plans in the comments below!

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