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How to Do a Poppin' Twist Out on Your Natural Curls

Seasons change...and so can your hairstyle.

We noticed that a few of our CurlMixers fixed their Facebook fingers to show concern about our upcoming CurlMix Fresh, Mad Maple Twist Out Kit...

We’re here to ease your curls.



Are we dedicated to building healthy hair habits? Definitely. Are we fans of our classic Wash + Go’s? Of course. Do we still enjoy a nice change of style every now and then? Absolutely.

No, this isn’t a traditional Wash + Go kit, but if you’re familiar with our CurlMix Fresh releases, you’ll notice a pattern: we like to try new things!





More importantly, we like for you, the CurlMixer, to try new things.

We know, we know: you’re a Wash + Go type of a gal. It’s okay, CurlMixer: we’re going to show you how simple it really is to achieve a poppin’ twist-out on your curls.

Plus, twist outs are ideal to wear during the fall and winter seasons when the air is drier. It’s a low-maintenance and easy style that will keep your curls moisturized and healthy during this time of year!

Our CurlMix Fresh kits are full of new products that give you and your curls the opportunity to switch up your style. 



These are gems that we don’t have as CurlMix Classics: pomades, mousses, twisting creams, edge control...they’re different, but that doesn’t make them any less delicious for your curls. 

Mad Maple Twist Out Kit is a chance for your curls to try on a new simple and stylish look for fall. 

Containing a twisting cream, setting mousse, and twist and shine spray (plus a pomade for our Fresh subscribers), this kit is ready to set up your strands for an incredible style.

...if you open your curls up to it.

Ready to learn more about this upcoming Fresh? Let’s dive into it.

Hair Products Perfect for a Twist Out



Our Mad Maple Twist Out Kit features hair products that are essential to use to achieve a twist-out your curls will fall in love with: 

Mad Maple Twist Out Cream: Pumpkin-spiced lattes got nothing on this pumpkin-spiced cream! Keep your curls feeling soft and supple while twisted up with this sweet product.

Mad Maple Twist Setting Mousse: Lay your curls down with this must-have mousse. This is a fall-twist on our famous Mango Magic Mousse, a CurlMix Fresh favorite!

Mad Maple Twist & Shine Mist: Looking forward to a frizz-free fall? This mist reduces frizz and adds a stunning shine to your curls.

For our CurlMix Fresh subscribers, you’ll also be getting one hair product that’s full of pumpkin, spice, and everything nice:

Mad Maple Twisting Pomade: Seal your ends with this pomade rich in castor oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter. Talk about a sweet and fulfilling finish!



How to Do a Twist Out on Natural Hair 

Don’t let a twist out terrify you this fall season! 

Before we get started on how to do a twist out, let’s take a quick look at the type of twists you can do: 

Double-Strand Twists: Separate a small section of your hair into two strands. Twist one strand over the other, working in one direction. Continue to twist this strand over the remaining strand until you’ve reached the end of your hair. Carefully twist the ends to secure the twist.

Flat Twists: This is very similar to cornrowing your hair. In one small section, split the top of your hair into two strands. Twist these two strands over and under one another while also pulling additional hair into those strands as you work your way through. This flat will be flat against your scalp.  



How to Do a Twist Out: 

  1. On cleansed, conditioned, and detangled curls, section your hair into four large sections. (Two in the front, two in the back.)
  2. Moisturize each section of your hair with the Mad Maple Twist Out Cream.
  3. Working in smaller sections, begin to twist your curls using one of these twisting methods: two-strand twists or flat twists. 
  4. Continue this process through the remaining sections of your hair until your entire head is covered in twists. 
  5. Let your twists air-dry overnight. To help maintain them, smooth the Mad Maple Twist Setting Mousse to your twists and cover them with a hair scarf for the nighttime. 
  6. When you’re ready to take down your twists, spray the Mad Maple Twist & Shine spray to your twists and carefully begin to take them down. (Optional: You may also spray the Twist & Shine on your fingertips instead.)
  7. To take your twists down, unravel the twists and gently separate the strands. Once you’ve taken down all of the twists, carefully fluff the roots of your hair to add more volume. (Optional.)

And viola! Follow these simple sets and you’ll be all set and ready with a terrific twist out to last you a few days.

How to Use Twist Out Products for Your Wash + Go 

Still not feeling the love for a twist out? 

...we don’t blame you, CurlMixers! Wash + Go’s are a good thing, and we’re not going to convince you to fix anything that isn’t broken.

Here is how you can use our Mad Maple Twist Out Kit for your Wash + Go instead: 

Mad Maple Twist Out Cream: Use as a substitute for Step 3: Pure Avocado Moisturizer.

Mad Maple Twist Setting Mousse: Apply a few pumps of mousse to your curls after applying your Pure Flaxseed Gel for a more defined hold

Mad Maple Twist & Shine Spray: After setting your curls, spray the mist into your hands and apply onto your curls. You can also hold the bottle 6 to 8 inches from your hair and spray as desired.



SUBSCRIBER GIFT - Mad Maple Twisting Pomade: Do you struggle with flyaways on Wash Days? Apply a tiny amount of pomade on your fingertips and carefully push the flyaways into place.

So...tell us, CurlMixer. When your Mad Maple Twist Out Kit arrives, will you give your curls a change or switch up your Wash + Go? Let us know your thoughts down below:

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