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Yes, You Can Do a Wash + Go on 4C Hair! Here’s How

Yes, You Can Do a Wash + Go on 4C Hair! Here’s How

Fiction: Wash + Go's don't work for 4C hair.

Absolute Fact: Everybody can do a Wash + Go, regardless of their hair texture!


We’re here to debunk that ugly myth surrounding 4C hair. 4C hair can thrive with Wash + Go's as well! 



Wash + Go's set the stage for versatility, health, and moisture. If you want to switch up your style before your next wash day, or you just want healthy hair, a Wash + Go can help your 4C hair get it done. 

Here, we dig into what 4C hair is, how you can wash and go properly, healthy hair care, and more.

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What is 4C hair?

On the curl pattern spectrum, 4C represents the tightest coiled textures. 

Yes, it’s a coil, not just a curl! 

4C hair is thick, luscious, and super versatile — you can wear a Wash + Go one day and then do a twist out overnight to switch it up. 

Plus, 4C hair holds patterns longer and more easily than any other texture, so styles last longer.

If you’re wondering whether your hair is 4C, you can take our hair type quiz!



You can consult with a natural hair stylist in your area who can give you the final verdict as well.

But please be mindful that your pattern can change with age (thanks to female hormones), and different processes like color can alter your coils too.

Misconceptions of 4C Hair

"4C hair is so dry!"

"It's so tough to manage 4C hair." 

"There is no curl pattern for 4C hair."

Yeah...these are all lies. 


Chizi explains this common misconception about 4C hair in this video:


4C hair is beautiful and desirable. Our goal at CurlMix is to ensure you have the healthiest, most nourished 4C hair possible.

Though it helps to know your curl pattern when it comes to hair care and products, we don’t love the idea of categorizing hair further.

Especially when beauty ideals have neglected natural hair and curls in general for centuries. 

So, while we encourage you to find out if your pattern is 4C, we also want to stress the importance of creating a simple wash day routine and sticking to it.

This routine includes: cleansing your curls and coils, conditioning your hair, moisturizing your strands, and protecting your style.


To reiterate, everyone can have the Wash + Go of their dreams. It will just look different (but gorgeous!) on different hair textures.

Just look at these beautiful Wash + Go's




Practice makes perfect! The more you do Wash + Go's, the better (and faster) the end result will be! 

Keep in mind that natural hair is alive and has a mind of its own, so no two wash days will give you the exact same hair every time.  With good products and a good routine, it can be close though!



“For a time, I never did a wash and go, because I didn't think my hair could do one,” our co-founder reveals. “I laughed at the idea. And I imagine a lot of kinky-haired women feel that exact way.”


Great Wash + Go's are made in the shower!

After you shampoo and condition, add the moisturizer and gel to your wet hair to start the definition process. 

The steam from the water hydrates your hair even more, so it allows the product to better absorb. Then, you can exit the shower and set your hair with a tool like a blow dryer or diffuser, blowing downward.


Leave shame at the door and embrace your texture as it is.

The modern natural hair movement we’re a part of is celebrating all textures with the understanding that we need to broaden the ideals of beauty to include everyone. 

Curly hair is incredibly unique and special and we’re still learning about it and what it loves. No two heads are the same, so let’s embrace what makes our hair and all of us different and beautiful!

Have you ever tried a Wash + Go on your 4C hair before? How did it turn out? Let us know in the comments!

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