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Everything You Need to Know About CurlMix Fresh

If you’ve been keeping your eyes, ears, and curls open to the social media streets, it’s likely that you’ve stumbled across these questions:  


  • “What will be this month’s Fresh?”
  • “When is Fresh coming out?”
  • “How long do we have to purchase Fresh?”


The hype is real. As a CurlMixer, it’s absolutely essential that you’re well aware of the monthly sensation also known as CurlMix Fresh!




What is CurlMix Fresh?

CurlMix Fresh is a small batch of new and exclusive products that are released monthly. These kits are specially curated with exciting and one-of-a-kind scents and fragrances, produced with high-quality and natural ingredients (just like our classic lines!). 




The joy of receiving a surprise kit is unmatched. It’s so may want to experience it more than twice!

Where Did CurlMix Fresh Come From?

Sit down, relax your curls and settle in for a sweet story: 

If you’re familiar with CurlMix, you’ll know that we initially started as a DIY subscription company. Our co-founders Kim and Tim crafted up recipe after recipe in their own home, creating hair and body products full of clean ingredients.





Even after we established our CurlMix Classics, the spirit of DIY didn’t fade. 

So we decided to continue this craft of curating new products to share with our CurlMixers on a monthly basis. With our incredible chemist (a Black woman, we might add!), we continue to whip up new and exciting goods for our CurlMixers to enjoy.

Will CurlMix Fresh become CurlMix Classics?

No, honey. They certainly will not!

Well...we take that back. There are rare circumstances when we’ll bring back a CurlMix favorite (ahem, like the legendary return of Brown Sugar Baby) or we’ll reuse a popular scent (Hey, Peach! Hi, Mango!).

There are even times when we’ll take a few leftover Fresh products and sell them online as a staple for a short period of time.

But we must stress this, CurlMixer: CurlMix Fresh is a limited-edition treat! 

Not to toot our own horn, but they sell like hot curls. Once we’re out, it’s fresh out of luck for everybody.

Do I Have to Subscribe to Get CurlMix Fresh?

You don’t have to become a subscriber to order CurlMix Fresh, but we will tell you this: subscribers definitely get the long end of the curl!

Subscribers get the pleasure of securing their CurlMix Fresh kit before it sells out. The early curl gets the goods! Every. Single. Time.

Plus, subscribers also save 10% on their kit, get free shipping, AND receive a free gift with their kit.

I’m Interested in Subscribing to CurlMix Fresh. What Steps Do I Take?

You can subscribe for CurlMix Fresh by visiting here! Before you make that leap, please read these important notes over becoming a new subscriber for CurlMix Fresh:  


  • There is a cutoff date to subscribe to CurlMix Fresh.
  • The cutoff date is the 25th of each month.
  • This means if you sign up on or before the 25th, you will be charged on that date.
  • You will receive the Fresh box for that month if you have subscribed on or before the 25th.
  • Your next billing date will be the 15th of the following month. You will continue to receive boxes for each month, as long as your subscription remains active.
  • If you sign up for CurlMix Fresh on the 26th or later in any month, you will receive the box for the next month, not the current month. You will also not be billed on the 15th of the next month. You will be billed in the month after, on the 15th. Example: Signup on July 27th. First billed on July 27th. First box received in August, for August CurlMix Fresh. Next billed on September 15th, for September CurlMix Fresh.


If you have any concerns about our Fresh subscriptions, please feel free to reach out to our customer service stars at

What Kind of Products are in a CurlMix Fresh Kit?

We design our CurlMix Fresh kits based off of these three categories: 

  • Hair Products for nourishing and styling healthy curls.
  • Face Products for promoting clean and smooth skin.
  • Skin/Body Products for pampering and rejuvenating skin.

Here are a few of our recent kits: 

Mango Magic Styling Kit (May 2021)



Boomin’ Blueberry Hydrating Kit for Glowing Skin (Jan. 2021)



Pink Pamper Shower Kit for Rejuvenated Skin (Feb. 2021)



With each release, there are different products that will be included in these special kits. You may get a deep conditioner one time; you may receive a face cream another time.

One thing for certain: you’ll always get a fulfilling kit full of delight!

This is what our CurlMixers have to say about CurlMix Fresh




Are you ready to get nice and fresh? 

This month’s Fresh, Posh Pom’ Wash + Go Kit, will be launching this week. Stay on your curls to pick up this pampering kit!

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