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Zoom VIP Membership (SAVE $600) - CurlMix

VIP Membership (SAVE $600)

Subscription Save

 1. You get FREE SHIPPING for LIFE!

2. Access to VIP CurlMix Fresh Store with staples all year round.  TIP: New CurlMix Fresh single items drop WEEKLY!

3. When you spend $65 you get $90 in CurlMix Spoons. That's an immediate $25 in value today. 

4. You get 15% OFF for life when you shop while you're logged in.  

5. You can use your spoons on CurlMix Fresh AND Subscription orders. 

6. You get FULL CONTROL of your subscription when you log in, so no need to email customer service to skip, pause, or cancel.

7. Ever have too much product?

It’s a problem of the past, you can redeem your points for your monthly mainstays or stack your spoons for a shopping spree later.

 Either way, you get exactly what you want, when you want it!


All in, you’re looking at over $600 of SAVINGS! 

VIP Membership (SAVE $600)



900 Spoons Monthly to be used however you like.

Access to the latest CurlMix Fresh Staples & Merch before anyone else in your own private VIP store.

Free shipping on all orders for life.

It's an unbeatable deal.

15% OFF additional orders when you're logged in as VIP.

Save like never before.

You have full flexibility to cancel when you want in your account without waiting on customer service.


What is CurlMix VIP?

CurlMix VIP is a Monthly Subscription Membership that gives you Spoons and Perks for the Ultimate CurlMix Shopping Experience.

Save over $600 each year, get FREE Shipping, Exclusive Experiences and much more...Click to Learn More

How do I become a VIP?

All you have to do is purchase the membership here:

Become a VIP and start collecting and spending your Spoons

Is VIP a physical product? Will something be shipped?

VIP is not a physical product, it is a Monthly Subscription Membership and nothing will be shipped to you as part of your monthly subscription.

You will only recieve the 900 Spoons and Perks of Membership, unless you participate in a specific gift promotion like our VIP Mug Giveaways.

I'm currently a CurlMix Fresh subscriber, Why should I become a VIP? What makes it different?

A VIP gets the most value for their money as well as the most flexibility on how they save on their favorite CurlMix products.

You get 900 Spoons, a 15% member discount for all other purchases, exclusive access, gifts, and much more all for just $65 per month!

You can even use your Spoons to pay for your CurlMix Fresh Subscription!

Should I cancel my other subscriptions now that I am VIP?

No, your VIP Membership is a new and separate subscription and with all those extra Spoons you will be earning you can redeem them to get discounts on upcoming subscriptions and even CurlMix Fresh.

When will I be charged for my VIP Membership?

You will be charged $65 every 4 weeks for your VIP Membership. You can view and edit your next charge date on the Manage Your Subscriptions page in your CurlMix Account. You will also receive a reminder in your email prior to your charge date.

What if I need to skip, pause, or cancel my membership?

You can skip, pause, or cancel your VIP membership at any time in your CurlMix Account. You will keep any Spoons you earned during your time.

Can I get a refund for my VIP Membership?

Unfortunately, membership sales are non-refundable. If you would like to skip, pause, or cancel you must do so before your order processes. Once your order is processed you will get your Spoons immediately and if you cancel you will keep any Spoons you have earned.

Is there a limit to how many times I can skip?

No, just make sure to skip before your charge date because once the order processes it will not be eligible for a refund.

What if I don’t spend my Spoons, do they expire?

You don’t have to spend your Spoons right away you can stack them and splurge on a shopping spree. Any points you have will expire after 12 months of inactivity on your account.

Can I purchase multiple VIP Memberships?

Unfortunately, only one membership per person is allowed.

Can I combine my VIP 15% Off Discount and Spoons?

No, you may only redeem one offer at a time and they cannot be combined or stacked. You have the flexibility to pay with Spoons or use your discount on any one-time order to get you the best value.

Can I use my Spoons to buy a VIP Membership or get a discount on VIP?

No, you cannot pay for Spoons with Spoons.

If you apply a Spoons discount to your VIP Membership or purchase VIP with Spoons the order will be removed by our team and your Spoons will be refunded.

How do I redeem my Spoons?

Login to your CurlMix Account and you can redeem your Spoons for money off your next order directly in checkout using our Spoons Slider.

Also, in your Account you can redeem Spoons for coupons and subscription discounts.

Can I use my spoons/points on my subscriptions?

Yes! You sure can. You can redeem Spoons for Subscriptions Discounts on your Account Page

I need more Spoons Now! What can I do?

You can purchase additional Spoons here: BUY MORE SPOONS

Or you can purchase them from your Account Page or the Rewards Page





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