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4C Hair Wash Day : 5 Easy Tips to Revamp your Wash Day Routine

Whether you are new to rocking your natural 4C curls or have been going about it for a while, one thing is for certain...

There is SO MUCH information about proper hair care for your 4C hair it's overwhelming.

It'll make your head spin!



Everything from:

  • which ingredients to avoid
  • finger coiling techniques for more definition
  • how to elongate curls
  • stopping dryness

The list goes on...

These tips will give you a whole new perspective on your wash day experience.

Let’s get started!

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#1 Hydrate using Water


Type 4C hair is one of the most delicate of all hair types.

While all hair types need moisture it is IMPERATIVE that you keep your type 4C hair hydrated.

Water is the only way to actually hydrate your hair.

Hydrated hair is more pliable and stronger, making it easier for your hair to hold styles and get a more defined curl.

The best way to guarantee great hydration is by doing your hair in the shower.

Adding more moisture to your routine doesn’t have to be hard. Check out how to moisturize dry hair in this blog!

Remember, HYDRATE first, add products second!


#2 Use a Clarifying Cleanser


Clarifying shampoos are one of the most under-discussed products in the natural hair space. 

Cleansing your hair is often dismissed altogether due to misinformation and misplaced concerns about "stripping your hair."

No worries! I have some insight that your curls will love to hear.

A clarifying shampoo uses a stronger cleansing surfactant to cut through the build-up.



Think of it like dishes, before cleaning a plate you can feel the food build up on the surface. It feels oily and slippery right?

Once you apply your cleansing soap to the dish and rinse it off, the surface feels squeaky clean.

That’s exactly how your hair should feel after shampooing.

In truth, clarifying your hair helps to foster an environment that promotes healthy hair growth.

When you have 4C hair the temptation to use heavier products like shea butter and castor oil hair is real.

But that can lead to a huge unseen problem…

Build up.

Build up blocks moisture

You have to bust through that build up in order for your hair to get properly moisturized. A clarifying shampoo is the best way to get it done.

CurlMix Pro Tip: Do not use a co-wash to cleanse your hair that will only add to the build-up.

#3 Use a Deep Conditioner

Conditioners lock in moisture after you cleanse your hair. This strengthens and softens your curls by smoothing your strands' cuticle layer.

Conditioners also:

  • Help prevent breakage
  • Slow the formation split ends
  • Lubricates your hair for easier detangling of your tightly-curled hair.

To take it a step further, you should do a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioners have the added benefit of deeply penetrating the hair strand, leaving you with soft, “I just can’t get enough of how much I love my curls” results!

Kim Lewis CurlMix CEO 4c Hair in Wash iBowl

Leave your deep conditioners in your hair for at least 10-30 minutes.

For even greater results, add in the heat and steam of a good shower.

Deep conditioning your hair helps to prevent the dry or dull feeling your hair is susceptible to. This can prevent damage and make it easier to style your hair over time.

#4 Detangling

Detangling 4C Hair to remove Shed Hair

A general rule of thumb for detangling 4C hair is to only do it while your hair is soaking wet and covered with conditioner. NEVER detangle with dry hair, oil, or shampoo.

Water and conditioner helps ensure you can gently detangle without causing too much tension to hair strands. Tension may lead to unnecessary breakage.

You should also use a tool to help you detangle. Your fingers aren't small enough to catch all the shed hair trapped in those 4C coils.

There are many options to choose from such as:

  • wide-tooth combs
  • tangle teasers
  • Denman brushes

But we have you covered with our CurlMix Flex detangling brush!

Regardless of what tool you use, the technique is the real key to detangling.

Start detangling from the very end of your hair, then move up towards the roots. Rinse the brush often to avoid adding shed hairs back to your hair.

(Also, add water periodically to keep your hair lubricated.)

Detangling your hair is a task you should tackle EVERY wash day. If you don't shed hair that can leave your hair matted and tangled. (Who doesn't want knot-free curls ready for styling?)

#5 Use Small Sections

Working in small sections makes wash day a whole lot easier.

Sectioning your hair also helps ensure products are evenly distributed and your hair thoroughly detangled. Take the time to give a little love and care for each section.


Our CEO, Kim Lewis, uses up to 16 sections during her Wash + Go!

To section your hair at home follow these steps:

  1. Get in the shower, cleanse and condition your hair
  2. With your conditioner still on your hair part the hair into at least 4 sections
    1. One part down the middle the other part goes from ear to ear at the crown
  3. Separate a small section of soaking wet hair from the rest.
  4. Smooth product into your hair.
  5. Detangle thoroughly.
  6. Twist or clip your completed section.
  7. Move to the next section.
  8. Repeat until complete.

Now it’s your turn!

Washing your hair should feel like a breeze.

The tips provided here are simply meant to enhance your experience for the best day of the week...WASH DAY!

Leave a comment and let us know what tip you will try first!

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how does the curly mix products hold up true 4c hair in high humidity climates. I live in Florida!

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