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CurlMix School Picture Day Campaign: Reclaiming Our Curls

Remember when straightening your hair was a whole event? 


Growing up, sleek and straight hair was often the standard for primetime beauty. This was especially the case for special occasions!



Those special occasions required you to show up as your best self. 


At the time, many of us thought that didn’t include our curls. Natural hair was hardly accepted back then, so many of our childhoods were spent denying our right to curl.


So for every Easter Sunday, every wedding, and every school picture day...we sought to get straightened out. 





As exciting and memorable School Picture Day could be, it could also be pretty overwhelming for curly girls. Just think of all the stressors we faced: 

  • Holding down your ear while your curls were pressed away, hoping for a soft bounce but often gaining a stinging burn
  • Avoiding any sprinklers, sprays, or any other threat of hydration that could hit you during the school day 
  • Accepting passive aggressive comments towards your new ‘do, notably, “You look so pretty with straight hair!” 


For our Picture Day Campaign, we want to acknowledge and honor the childhoods of lost curls



We lost more than we initially thought: time, confidence, and in some extreme cases, our actual curl definition (due to excessive heat).


During that time, you may have been taught to contain your curls


Now, we’re encouraging you to embrace them in every wave and spiral that they come in. 



We’re also encouraging you to empower the Mini Mixers and younger CurlMixers in your life who may find it challenging to love their curls. 


Whatever the occasion is, it’s essential that you let them know there’s space (and a huge value) for their curls





Your natural hair is outstanding in comparison to any standard of beauty that you may have grown up with. Time is changing, and you don’t have to change your texture right along with it. 


Curls will always be special enough for the special occasions and significant milestones you reach. 


It’s okay if your curls missed out on your old School Picture Day photos; just be ready to show them off for your next camera-worthy moment. 


Happy Picture Day to you and your inner child, CurlMixer.



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