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Sweat Knot: A Curly Girl's Guide to Working Out

We’ll be honest, Curlfriends: it can be difficult getting to the gym! 



We know exercise is good and all, but here’s the curl hard truth: 

Why mess up a perfectly good set of curls?

Who really wants to use all that energy to only end up completely exhausted with sweaty curls? Is a good workout really worth the messy head of hair?


...Yes. Yes it is!


Don’t let a lil sweat ruin your strands, CurlMixer. Your curls can withstand a lot; including a bomb workout!

With our guide, your curls are ready to keep up with whatever workout you decide to do.


Ready to get active and keep your curls thriving? Here are a few tips on how to workout with your curls in mind: 

CurlMix Tips for Pre-Workout Curls

  • Don’t wear a headband or scarf. This is super important Curlfriend!  Wearing a headband or scarf while working out will only keep sweat trapped in your curls. If your scalp isn’t breathing, it’s building up disgusting build-up instead. This will only lead to dirtier curls and a tougher Wash Day!  
  • Do keep your strands moisturized. This is basically old news by now, but it’s essential so we’ll gladly reiterate it: stay moisturized! Deep condition on the regular to keep your strands up for any challenge.
  • Stay hydrated. Overall health greatly affects your hair health. Drink as much water as you can, especially on the days when you’ll be getting a workout in!



Hairstyles to Wear While Working Out

  • Pineapple Method


    An oldie, but goodie. However, we need you to use this style a lil bit differently from your nighttime routine. 

    Do not use a scarf. Instead, do pick up the longest hair tie or band you can find and use that instead!

    This style works best for medium-to-long length curls. Depending on your hair length, your curls may appreciate the High Puff style instead. Keep reading below to hear about that style!

    This method will keep your curls safely in shape while you get your work out on. 

  • Two-Strand Twists

  • This style is ideal to wear while in the gym. Not only are you keeping your curls out of your face, but you’ll be all set for a bomb twist-out once you shower and dry off!


  • High Puff 

  • Even while working out, you deserve to rock your cute crown! Your curls will look high and mighty with this simple up-do.


    [Photo provided by Marcheryl Brown via Facebook.] 


    *Works best for short-length curls!

  • Low Bun

  • Low-maintenance hairstyles have never looked better! Keep your curls safe and in style with this convenient look.

    So you finished your workout while successfully keeping your curls in good shape! Here’s what to do next: 


    CurlMix Tips for Your Post-Workout Curls 

    • Scalp Care: It’s essential that you clean your scalp of all the sweat and build-up that gathered during your workout. Give your curls a nice wash with our Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo and Pure Grapeseed Oil Conditioner to ensure your scalp is squeaky clean.
    • (More) Scalp Care: What can we say...a healthy scalp is every Curlfriend’s foundation! Massage your scalp with our Pure Regrowth Serum to grant it some essential stimulation and circulation.
    • Refresh: Keep your curls looking brand-new by refreshing them using our Fine Mister Spray Bottle. (CurlMix Tip: try a water + Leave-In Conditioner + essential oil combination to create your own DIY refresher! Your curls will gladly soak it up.)
    • Edge Care: Are your curls looking a little rough around the edges? Use our Leave-In Conditioner to smooth them out.

    Working out can be a challenge, but have faith that your curls are up for it!

    Do you engage in physical activity often? How do you keep your curls protected while working out? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

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