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The Best Deep Conditioning Treatment for Natural Hair

best deep conditioning treatment for natural hair

An excellent wash day routine is essential for anyone with curls and coils.

The next crucial step in that process is a deep conditioning treatment, so that your hair can reach its maximum flourish potential.



The resilience, manageability, texture, shine, softness, and overall health of your strands are enhanced each time you use a great deep conditioner.

Ready to give your curls and coils the TLC they deserve?

Look no further than our collection of hydrating conditioners for natural hair!


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The Deep Conditioning Duo That Will Change Your Hair


Ultimate hydration is on the way with this deeply moisturizing duo that will nourish your strands.

Easily detangle your curls and coils in the shower with our Deep Conditioner, moisturize them and take their softness to the next level with our Leave-In Conditioner.


Grapeseed Oil – The Star Ingredient of Our Deep Conditioners



Grapeseed Oil deeply penetrates the strand, fortifying it from the inside out. It's a lightweight oil that is easily absorbed into hair strands. It's proven to help fight a dry scalp, make your curls and coils more vibrant, and boost hair growth.

CurlMix Tip: If you're transitioning to natural hair or you're coloring your curls and coils, deep conditioners will be particularly valuable to you and your strands.


How Often Should You Deep Condition Your Hair?

Get those deep conditioning sessions in every two weeks for maximum impact. If your hair is damaged or dry, we recommend a deep conditioning treatment every ten days.


The Amazing Results, in the Words of our CurlMixers


Lavender Pure Grapeseed Conditioner



"Talk about slip! I love this conditioner - I had planned to go back to my regular conditioner once the temperatures and dew points came back up, but my hair feels so hydrated and soft - I may stay with this one forever!" - Nicole R.


Watermelon Pure Grapeseed Conditioner



"This is by far the most moisturizing conditioner I've ever tried. My curls pop and are well defined." - Esther W.


Vanilla Berry Pure Grapeseed Conditioner



"This is magic. Just from the shampoo and conditioner, I saw instant results! I have never seen my hair like this from just a wash. No frizz and the definition was amazing. My curls haven't looked this good since I was a kid." - Yaritza G.


Fragrance-Free Pure Grapeseed Conditioner



"The thick texture of this creamy conditioner really clings to every strand of hair, even though the rest of my shower. You can feel the softness of my hair even after I rinse." - Cecelia P.


Lemon Crème Pure Grapeseed Conditioner



"I was able to finger detangle in no time and rinse out. I also tried the product as a deep conditioner, and it worked amazingly." - Karen L.


WRITTEN BY: Faith Cummings 

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