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Postpartum Hair Shedding: 3 Things You Need to Know to Bounce Back from the Baby Blues

When our CEO went through her respective pregnancies, her curls were absolutely in their glow.

“I had amazing hair during pregnancy,” Kim says. “It was long, it was thick, it was full…[it was] holding on to more vitamins and more nourishments [for the baby].”

So imagine her shock when her hair began to shed in chaotic clumps.





“Post baby, you have a pooch, C-section scars, physically in’s an emotional period. Having your hair fall out is traumatic.” 

Sounds familiar?

Like most Mamas, Kim had her fair share of the baby blues: postpartum depression.


But she was able to bounce back and you can too!



What is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression is a specific depression that new mamas experience after childbirth. Ranging from a few weeks to even a few months, it can be a super tough transition period.

What are the Symptoms of Postpartum Depression?

During this time, mamas feel all the feels: being overwhelmed, irritated, and frustrated; having emotional moments with sadness and loneliness; and experiencing anxiety and fear about child-raising.

In addition to the emotional toll postpartum depression brings, it also has physical factors such as: 

  • Drastic weight gain/loss 
  • Consistent body pains 
  • Hair loss and thinning 

Just when you think motherhood couldn’t throw any more curveballs at comes directly for your curls!

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to shed any tears over shedded hair. Instead, with the support of your favorite curly community, you can find delight in this depressive hair symptom.



These are three essential tips to turn to while navigating through postpartum hair loss: 


1. Stick to a Hair Routine

Wash + Go’s are the safest hairstyles for postpartum hair loss, due to its overall lack of tension (which makes it the healthiest option for your scalp!). 





CurlMix Pro Tip: By styling your curls to include more volume, you’re able to hide any thinning spots that resulted from postpartum hair loss.

This is how to add volume to your Wash + Go with postpartum hair: 

Step 1: While shampooing, be super gentle on your strands. Cleanliness is important, but you don’t want any rushed tears or tangles.

Step 2: During your conditioning, finger-detangle as gently as you can. Shedded hair tends to build-up and tangle, and to avoid any damage, you’ll want to take precaution during your detangle stage.

Step 3: To help distribute the moisture throughout your curls, use the Flex Brush with care (in sections of course!).

Step 4: Apply the Pure Flaxseed Gel as usual (optional to use the Flex Brush while styling)

Step 5: Using a diffuser, blow dry your curls upwards to achieve a voluminous style. (You can sit the curls directly on top if you desire more definition, but for volume, be sure you’re blowing upwards.)

CurlMix Pro Tip: Cutting your hair in layers can also help hide hair loss!


Switch Up Your Wash + Go Kits 



CurlMix Pro Tip: Not only do our Wash + Go Kits feature their own respective scents, but each kit has a star ingredient that caters to a specific hair need!

While taking care of your postpartum hair, you may find yourself needing help with a variety of concerns, such as hair growth, hair strengthening, or hair softening.

Refer to this guide to determine which kit will benefit your curls the best while in postpartum: 


Take it One Curl at a Time

While experiencing postpartum depression, Mamas have a lot on their plate.

First and foremost, there’s the baby; you’re tired beyond belief; your hormones are all over the place; and you’re likely not feeling (or looking, honestly) your best with your edges falling out.



As much as we wish we could snap our curls and bounce back after having a baby, that’s not realistic. It’s not supposed to be.

“These are life moments,” Kim says. “Don’t expect any overnight products to fix it all.” 

Take it one Wash + Go style at a time, Miss Mamas. You gotta go through it to grow through it!

Additional Resources for Postpartum Care 

Here are a few essential resources for navigating your postpartum recovery: 

Body Care 

The Honey Pot Co.: Black-owned and woman-owned company that provides plant-based feminine hygiene products, including a specific line for postpartum care.

PREMAMA: Company that provides vitamins and supplements that support you throughout pregnancy and for postpartum care.

Earth Mama Organics: Woman-owned company that provides products to support pregnancy and postpartum care, including balms, butters and teas.

Mental Health Care

Mama Journals: Record your thoughts and experience as a mother by using one of these curated-journals. It’ll feel good to get some things (like the baby) off your chest.

Support Groups: Our CEO has never said anything more true: “You really do need support.” Joining a group such as Mocha Moms is a great way to find a community for comfort.

Have you (or anyone you know) experienced postpartum depression? What was the experience like for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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