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Reasons You Need to Subscribe to CurlMix Fresh

It’s almost time for every CurlMixer’s favorite time of the month: CurlMix Fresh!


Screenshot provided by Christina Banks via Facebook.


You know how we get down. Every month, CurlMix Fresh releases a brand new kit full of nourishing and never-before-seen hair products. 

Each month is a sweet surprise that you (and your curls!) definitely do not want to miss out on!





Still need some convincing for your curls? Here are a few reasons you need to subscribe to CurlMix Fresh ASAP: 

1. They’re Full of Healthy Ingredients

Our CurlMix Classics already feature clean and healthy ingredients: organic castor oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic jojoba oil...the works.




For CurlMix Fresh, we still provide these quality organic ingredients with a little extra oomf. Each kit features a prominent ingredient; in some cases, two or three star ingredients are included. 

These ingredients always have incredible benefits. Here are a few from past CurlMix Fresh kits: 

Mint Conditioning Deep Conditioning Kit (April 2021) 



Mango Magic Styling Kit (May 2021)

  • Mango Butter - strengthens your strands and prevents hair loss 



Pineapple Potion Defining Kit (July 2020)

  • Organic Grapeseed Oil - helps to seal the moisture in your curls



2. They’re New Scents

We know, we know: how could we even top our amazing CurlMix Classic scents? 

True, the watermelon is wonderful. The lavender is luscious. The lemon creme is lovely, and the vanilla berry is vibrant.’s nice to switch it up sometimes.





We pick delicious and defining scents that will make your curls look, feel, and smell incredible.

Do you really want to miss out on new fragrances that your curls will soak up?

Yeah...we didn’t think so!

3. They’re Fan-Favorites

We like to let the curls do the talking. The results from CurlMix Fresh speak for themselves, but hey...if something’s incredible, you have to give it their props. 

In this case, we’ll let a few of our CurlMixers sing their praises of CurlMix Fresh: 


 Screenshot provided by Karen Greene Braithwaite via Facebook.


Screenshot provided by Shelia Thomas Bland via Facebook

If there’s one thing for certain, our CurlMixers are always ready to get their curls on a CurlMix Fresh kit (or in some cases, two or three or four).

The best way to secure your CurlMix Fresh kit for the month is to subscribe! 

That way, you’re guaranteed to receive these exclusive hair products and you won’t have to worry about going up against our favorite community of curly friends.


Plus, every now and then, we even let our CurlMixers pick the Fresh for the month! 


Our last Fresh Wash + Go Kit, Posh Pom, was picked exclusively by our CurlMixers. Talk about power of the curl!



4. They’re Limited-Time

Our love for cultivating healthy curls is limitless...but CurlMix Fresh is not.

Fresh shows up for a good time and not a long time.

Sure, we keep a couple of Fresh staples for a short time, but always take these respective times with a grain of flaxseed.

After CurlMix Fresh is sold out, you’ll be out of luck...until the next month. By then, there will be completely new products, featuring a completely new fragrance with a new star ingredient.





If you’re feening for Fresh...welcome to the club, CurlMixer! 

CurlMix Fresh gifts our CurlMixers with goodies that they’ll never forget, and we look forward to you receiving your very own Fresh.

Looking for more information about what CurlMix Fresh is? Check out this helpful blog with all of the deets listed.

September’s CurlMix Fresh, Day Dream Revitalizing Hair Kit, will be launched next week! Stay tuned for this sweet kit your curls will be dreaming of.

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