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Tips on Starting a Short Curly Hair Routine for Young Boys

Boys need excellent hair care too!

Curls are gender-neutral, and many of our Mini Mixers are handsome young fellas who are discovering the beauty of their own natural hair.





While they start this natural hair journey, here are a few tips on how to build a curly hair routine for boys: 


Detangling Short Curly Hair on Boys 

Worst duo for naturals everywhere: Tangles and Tears. (Heavy on the tears when it comes to our tender-headed Mini Mixers!)


Best duo for naturals everywhere: Pure Grapeseed Oil Conditioner and Flex Brush.



After you cleanse your Mini Mixer’s curls with the Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo, your next step during Wash Day is to condition their curls. 


While you’re conditioning, this is the essential time to detangle your Mini Mixer’s curls. 


The slip in our Pure Grapeseed Oil Conditioner leaves the strands feeling soft and smooth, which helps to give the Flex Brush an easy glide while it works itself through the curls. 


Matted and tangled curls never lead to a good hairstyle, so it’s super important that you take the time to detangle your Mini Mixer’s curls every Wash Day!


Moisturizing Short Curly Hair on Boys 


Moisture is what keeps your curls nourished and healthy. On a younger head (such as your Mini Mixer), it’s important to hop on the moisture train bright and early.



After you’ve washed and conditioned your Mini Mixer’s curls, it’s essential that you follow up with the Pure Avocado Moisturizer to replenish their strands.

CurlMix Pro Tip: To seal in the moisture, you can also apply a little bit of Pure Regrowth Serum to their hair in the sections. Not only will this help seal in the moisture throughout the school week, but it’ll add some shine to their strands as well!

Moisture is a daily practice that you should include in your Mini Mixer’s hair routine, but sometimes, their curls need a little extra oomf.

Introduce your Mini Mixer to the lovely perks of being a natural by prioritizing their hair care! 

Every other week, treat your son’s curls to a nourishing deep conditioning treatment with our Ultimate Deep Conditioner Kit

Styling and Defining Short Curly Hair on Boys

Our Pure Flaxseed Gel is the wonder product that every Mini Mixer needs to bring out their curl’s shiny definition.

After you’ve applied the Pure Avocado Moisturizer, follow up by adding in the Pure Flaxseed Gel throughout sections of their hair.



Crafted with flaxseeds, this gel defines your curls without making them feel weak or brittle. Plus, the gel will help upkeep your Mini Mixer’s style for the whole school week!

CurlMix Pro Tip: Get a durag or satin scarf for your son to wear at night. This will help to protect their curls while they sleep; they’re also a pretty cool look!

While you help your Mini Mixer discover their curl pattern and build their routines, it’s always great to start with a Wash + Go.





Not only will a Wash + Go cleanse their curls and set them up for the next few days, but it’ll also be a great foundation to try twists, braids, or any other style your Mini Mixer may be interested in.

How do you like to style or take care of your son’s short curly hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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