Empowering Women of CurlMix: Curl Journey and Community

Hi, CurlMixers! We want to take a moment to talk about something near and dear to our curls...you!

Our CurlMix community is truly one of a kind. We greatly enjoy our time spent with you: LIVE weekly Wash + Go’s, excitement around our monthly CurlMix Fresh, helpful advice on creating hair routines, and our overall love of curls. It’s a delight getting to support your hair journey.



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You know how we feel about you, CurlMixer...but how do you feel about this curly community you created? We reached out to a few CurlMixers to hear their stories on how empowering the CurlMix Community has been for her: 

Gail Irby

What do you enjoy most about the CurlMixers Facebook Group?


“I enjoy the sharing of hair tips - product application, combining CM products (WnG lineup), and styling techniques (and tools).”

How has CurlMix supported your healthy hair journey?

“I started using CM [at] the end of 2018. My hair was very frail - easy to break and lots of hair loss...finally, a year later, I did the big chop - getting rid of all the damaged hair. Developing a consistent routine of WnGs every 3-5 days, using CM 4-step system, and massaging my scalp with growth serums weekly resulted in my hair getting stronger, growth, and curl definition with [healthy] shrinkage.”

Favorite CurlMix Product:

Fragrance Free Wash + Go System w/ Organic Sweet Almond Oil for Sensitive Skin (Steps 1-4)


Fragrance Free Wash + Go Kit

Jai Thornton-Eiland

What do you enjoy most about the CurlMixers Facebook Group?

“We have created a space of admiration, vulnerability, acceptance, and love of our curls and all of the differences between them and what makes us unique. I enjoy that we can discover what we love about our own hair; I also enjoy the many new relationships I have gained and come to cherish in the CurlMix community. I cannot put into words how much this community means to me.”

How has CurlMix supported your healthy hair journey?

“CurlMix has supported my healthy hair journey by giving me clean products and tools that were needed in a time when curls were often ostracized in the beauty industry. I used to think curly hair was not realistic for me to manage because of a busy lifestyle. CurlMix gave me ALL the support I needed for healthy hair care and I am forever grateful.”


Facebook CurlMix Community Group


Favorite CurlMix Product(s):


Watermelon Wash + Go Kit


At CurlMix, we strive to help support your curl journey by providing products with clean ingredients and simple routines that fit perfectly with your lifestyle. It absolutely warms our curls to see how you, our dear CurlMixers, have taken this brand above and beyond. 

You keep us inspired and proud to continue supporting your overall hair health. We look forward to catering to your curls and contributing to this flourishing community!



Have you joined our Facebook group to become a CurlMixer? How has our CurlMix community empowered you? Let us know in the comments below!

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I absolutely love the CurlMix FB community. CurlMixers as a whole is a uniquely uplifting, helpful, supportive, and empowering group. One of the best curly-haired groups out there. The love and support for all curls are unheard of in any other space. CurlMixers are the best. ❤️

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