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How To Fix Dry Hair For Good – The Ultimate Dry Hair Guide, Part 4

In the last part of our Ultimate Dry Hair Guide, we’re giving you all the ways you can restore your thirsty strands to radiance. 

Here, our foolproof hacks, products, and tips for getting super hydrated strands, no matter the season.

Dry with a t-shirt or super soft turban.


We love a good Sade-esque towel wrap photo, but not all towel textures are created equal. 

So, we prefer drying our just-washed curls and coils with a cotton t-shirt or wrapping them up in a microfiber turban which doesn’t even require drying afterward. 

This way the water you imbued into your strands remains and you don’t create the friction that normally occurs while drying your hair with a towel, which can lead to breakage.

Get regular trims.


Dryness happens to us all and it hits our ends particularly hard — 

Which can lead to dryness traveling up our hair shaft if we don’t solve the situation quickly.

Make sure you’re seeing your stylist for trims every 10 – 12 weeks maximum, to refresh your ends and give your hair the T.L.C. it deserves.

Choose clean, natural, hydrating ingredients.


Controversial ingredients like silicones, sulfates, and parabens are harsh on your hair. 

It’s why we’ve removed these ingredients from all our products — they do in fact do their job, but they also strip your hair of the moisture it needs. 

We’ve replaced them with hydrating ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil, and castor oil which should be your go-tos for super moisturized curls and coils.

Make sure you’re masking.


We’re all for deep conditioning, but masks can take your hydration game to the next level. 

In the shower, you can add one to your wet hair after conditioning and let it work its hair magic. 

You can also use one on your hair like you would a deep conditioner, to really let your strands soak up all the ingredient goodness.

Eat your way to healthy hair with vitamins and supplements.


It’s not all about products — you can feed your hair the same way you do your body. 

Techniques can only do so much, so you need to ensure your curls and coils are being moisturized from your diet. 

Nuts and salmon which are foods high in omega-3s are essentials, as are foods like beans, berries, and spinach which are rich in antioxidants.

And taking hair vitamins that have hair, skin, and nail-boosting biotin in them can also help hydrate and strengthen your strands.

Sleep on silk.


Your hair needs slumber to recharge as much as your body and brain do. 

So, if you’ve been deep conditioning, masking, and moisturizing regularly with little change to your curls and coils, you should also make sure you’re wrapping your strands in silk or satin. 

Tie on a silk or satin scarf nightly before bed and make sure you’re lying on a silk or sation pillowcase — the fabric is super gentle and will reduce overnight friction that can occur between your hair and pillow, which cause frizz and moisture loss.

That concludes The Ultimate Dry Hair Guide. 

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Are there any dry hair tips & tricks that we missed?

Share with us in the comments section below!

Edited by: Faith Cummings 



You mentioned a clay mask. Are you still offering the product or the make it yourself kit?

Kazetta King

I need you to make and sell more of that Honey Hydration. My mask is running low.

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