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The Best How-To Guide for Kids with Biracial Curls

The Best How-To Guide for Kids with Biracial Curls

It’s one thing to look in the mirror and not know what to do with your head full of curls.

It’s a WHOLE nother thing to look at your Mini Mixer and not have a clue where to start! 

This is especially true when your child is biracial or mixed with different ethnicities; sometimes, you’ll discover a hair texture sprouting from their roots that you may not know how to initially handle.






We’re here to bring you relief: you don’t need to be scared of your little one’s curls! 

Look at it this way: you take care of your own natural hair by using clean products and building healthy routines, right? You just have to pass that along to your Mini Mixer.

Let’s start with the essentials: 

Hair Products for Biracial Kids with Curly Hair

Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo

Cleansing and gentle, this shampoo cleans the strands of your Mini Mixer’s curls without stripping it completely of moisture. 



Plus, it’s also free of harsh chemicals and features Aloe Vera, an ultra-hydrating component, as the star ingredient.

Pure Grapeseed Oil Conditioner

Lightweight and lovely, this conditioner nourishes your Mini Mixer’s curls by replenishing their strands with necessary moisture

The featured Grapeseed Oil will leave your little one ready to breeze through the school year!

Pure Avocado Moisturizer 



This is one veggie that your Mini Mixer will actually love. Featuring Avocado Oil, this moisturizer keeps your mixed child’s curls nourished and soft. 

Pure Flaxseed Gel

While your Mini Mixer’s curls are still developing, their natural definition may still be testing the waters. 

To put an extra bounce in their curls, apply our flaxseed gel to bring out the star in your little one’s strands. 

Pure Regrowth Serum

Need to keep frizz or fly-aways away from your Mini Mixer’s hairstyle? This regrowth serum is the perfect finishing touch when it comes to styling your kiddo’s curls.



Plus, it’ll leave their strands shining and ready to take on the school year. 

Ultimate Deep Conditioner Kit

Curly hair thrives off of hydration and moisture. It’s essential that you’re starting your child’s natural hair journey off to great curl with these two. 

Every now and then (aka every other week), treat your Mini Mixer to a dose of delight by giving their curls a deep conditioning treatment





Hair Tools for Biracial Kids with Curly Hair

Flex Brush 

Detangling just became a whole lot more doable with this must-have hair tool.

The Flex Brush gently works its way through your Mini Mixer’s curls, smoothing out any tangles or knots. 



Paired with Pure Grapeseed Oil Conditioner, this is a dreamy duo that gives you a head full of soft strands.

Hair Accessories

We know, we know: is it even more possible to doll up your Mini Mixer’s cute curls? Definitely.

Style your little one’s curls with these accessories to switch up their hairdo: 

  • Ribbons 
  • Barretts 
  • Headbands 

Satin Scarf and/or Satin Pillowcase

When you’re tucking your Mini Mixer in at night, don’t forget to make sure their curls are alright!

There are plenty of satin scarves and bonnets that come in a child’s size, but we all know that with our kiddos, it’s likely that they’ll toss and turn them right off.

In that case, a satin pillowcase would make a great alternative. That way, if their scarf or bonnet does become undone, the pillowcase will be there as back-up support.





Tips for Styling Your Biracial Child’s Hair

Don’t cut the tangles out.

We know they’re tricky, CurlMixer. Unless you’re a licensed professional, set those scissors down. Poor cutting will only cause harm to their curls.

Detangle the knots out instead.

Instead of snipping away at your Mini Mixer’s strands, have a little patience and gently detangle those curls using our Flex Brush and Pure Grapeseed Oil Conditioner.

Stay away from paddle brushes.

Paddle brushes are commonly used on straight extensions or wigs. Notice the keyword: straight.



Used on curly hair, they’ll pull the curls right out and can cause some major damage to your little one’s strands. Stick with Soft Bristle Brushes or the Flex Brush instead.

Don’t dry; diffuse.

Let’s break down the difference between a blow-dryer and a diffuser: a blow-dryer dries your hair while also stretching your curls out (used by a comb attachment).

A diffuser, on the other hand, dries your curls while holding them in place. That way, your definition isn’t lost and your curls are sitting pretty and perfect.

Looking for how to style your Mini Mixer’s curls? Keep your eyes out for our special School Picture Day blog we’ll be releasing next week!





In the meantime...always start with a Wash + Go!

At times, it may feel like it’s too crazy to care for your Mini Mixer’s curls. We want to encourage you to keep your cool, CurlMixer!

Although cultivating healthy curls may feel like a chore at times (especially for your little one who probably has less patience than you), remember that it is a beautiful journey.

Your little one is discovering their own respective curls at the same time you are. Always approach hair care and hairstyles with the ultimate tender love and care, and watch your Mini Mixer follow suit through the rest of their hair journey.

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