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Sweet Almond Oil: The Key to Nourishing Sensitive Curls

Almonds are really a treat, aren’t they?

There’s the sensation of almond milk; there’s the dependable and classic Almond Joy; and for our curls especially, there’s sweet almond oil.



 Sweet Almond Oil is the featured ingredient for our Fragrance-Free line, specially crafted for our CurlMixers with sensitive skin and sensitive scalp.

The only thing missing from our Fragrance-Free Wash + Go System is the light and lovely scents featured in our other classics. 



Don’t worry your pretty little curl; these are still the same dreamy products with the same clean ingredients!

Let’s get into the sweetness of Sweet Almond Oil: 

What is Sweet Almond Oil?

Sweet Almond Oil is exactly what it sounds like; oil extracted from the seed of an almond. Its sweetness comes from a specific part of the almond the seed is from (which differentiates it from the “regular” almond oil).

Sweet Almond Oil is full of nutrients, just like an actual almond! Fatty acids, protein, Vitamin-E, magnesium...there’s a whole lot of magic found in this sweet oil. 

By including Sweet Almond Oil to your hair care routine, you’re giving your scalp and strands essential nourishment to keep your curls healthy and thriving.


Sweet Almond Oil Benefits for Curly Hair 

  • Moisturizes your scalp and strands, helping to balance the oils your scalp naturally produces 
  • Strengthens your hair strands by giving them necessary protein 
  • Softens your curls with its moisturizing properties 
  • Brings shine and life back to dull curls 

How to Use Sweet Almond Oil on Curly Hair 

While you can definitely use Sweet Almond Oil in its true form, it’s more convenient to have this oil infused into your hair care products.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what we decided to do with all of our classic lines! Every product in our classic Fragrance-Free Wash + Go System is bursting with Sweet Almond Oil: 


By having Organic Sweet Almond Oil as the featured ingredient, your curls remain nourished and healthy throughout your whole Wash + Go process. 

The sweetness doesn’t stop there! We also have Organic Sweet Almond Oil in our fragrance-free Pure Regrowth Serum.



Use our Pure Regrowth Serum to treat your scalp to hot oil treatments and scalp massages, two hair care routines that are essential for healthy curls. 

Sweet Almond Oil is the gift that keeps on giving! How do you like to use Sweet Almond Oil for your natural hair? Let us know down below: 

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