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5 Things to Know Before Doing the Big Chop for Curly Natural Hair

So you’re ready to do the Big Chop...welcome to the natural hair life!

You’re probably digging through all the natural hair research to find out everything you need to know about this huge transition, and it’s likely you have a few questions!



Don’t let those questions tangle up your head; we got you and your curls covered.

Here are 5 major things to know before doing the big chop for your natural curly hair: 


1. Growth Takes Time 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, CurlMixers. Neither are your curls!

One of the biggest reasons so many natural women decide to big chop their hair is because they want to start a whole new natural hair journey.

Specifically, they want this journey to lead to stunning curls, healthy strands, and ultimate hair growth.

Like every magnificent journey we’ve heard of, this takes time.

Your big chop isn’t a one-and-done type of solution! You’re going to need a lot of patience (and a lot of clean products!) before you start to see your desired results.

2. Be Open-Minded with Your Curls

While doing the big chop, one of the most exciting things you have to look forward to is rediscovering your natural hair

It’s as if you’re giving yourself a chance to fall in love with your curls all over again!



However...they may not be the curls you used to know.

When you do the big chop, you may be surprised to find a different texture or curl pattern growing out of your head.

Don’t be alarmed; instead, accept your natural hair for what it is! 



Even if it wasn’t you initially imagined, with good hair care and clean products, your curls will be better than you ever dreamed.


3. Let a Professional Do the Work


If you’re a DIY-er, we get it. That’s how we like to get down too. (Our OG CurlMixers especially know this!)


However, when it comes to special treatments such as coloring, elaborate styling, or the classic Big Chop, it’s always best to let another set of hands do the work.



Before you go and get scissor-happy, we definitely recommend finding a stylist to do the big chop for your natural hair.


By working with a professional or licensed stylist, you (and your curls!) can ensure that the cut is done evenly with a nice shape.


4. Everyone’s Natural Hair Journey is Different


Our natural hair is versatile, and with that versatility comes several differences for every natural. This is especially true when it comes to doing the big chop.


If your curls aren’t growing as fast as your Curlfriends’ is, don’t sweat it.


If you're not able to get definition as poppin’ as your favorite influencer, don’t sweat it.


Don’t spend any time trying to line your natural hair journey up with another one. Comparison of the thief of curl, afterall!


Even though everyone’s natural hair journey is different, it still helps to hear various perspectives and curl stories. 


By joining a curl community, such as our CurlMixers Facebook group, you can be inspired by the different natural hair women sharing their own respective stories.



5. Hair Routine + Clean Products = EVERYTHING


A big chop may feel like a drastic change, but you’ll be pleased to find out that everything can still be simple!


By everything, we mean two particular factors: hair routine and hair products.


With CurlMix, you get these two in a dream package! Our 4-Step Wash + Go System is perfect to use while building a hair routine as a new routine.


In four easy steps, your curls get everything they need: 


The 4-Step Wash + Go System was designed to give your curls the healthy routine and essential nourishment needed for ultimate hair health and growth. 



The best part is, it’s simple to use as your hair routine! You can count on having no stresses for your tresses.


Do you have any questions concerning your natural hair and the big chop? Let us know down below and we’ll get to it: 

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