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Pumpkin Seed Oil: The Best Ingredient Your Curls Need

The holiday season is creeping up on us quicker than Wash Day, and we’re looking forward to enjoying all of our fall favorites

Upcoming sales, family gatherings, sugar, pumpkin spice and everything nice...and we do mean everything.



We know you’ve heard of pumpkin-spiced lattes, but have you ever considered having pumpkin-spiced curls?



At CurlMix, we’re huge fans of natural and clean ingredients that provide wonderful results for our curls. 

One of our favorite ingredients to use during the fall season is Pumpkin Seed Oil



Pumpkin Seed Oil is soooo nice, we had to feature it twice in two of our past CurlMix Fresh kits: Pumpkin Power Hair Growth Kit (such as our Liquid Leave-In and Serum!) and Mad Maple Twist Out Kit.



You know that if we’re crazy about a specific ingredient, it’s because we’ve seen the work it does on cultivating healthy curls. (We only use the best ingredients, afterall!)

Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil for Natural Hair

  • Promotes hair growth by stimulating and strengthening your strands 
  • Provides moisture and nourishment to your curls 
  • Adds a sleek shine to your strands
  • Helps prevent hair loss (especially during the colder seasons)

You see the magic pumpkin has for our curls?!? It’s enticing, isn’t it?



You’re probably thinking, “Okay, so I’m ready to spice up my curls. Where the goods at?”

Well, CurlMixer...we featured Pumpkin Seed Oil in our CurlMix Fresh kits. You know how CurlMix Fresh gets down; once it’s gone, it’s gone. (At least until a special occasion or so…)

Fear not, CurlMixer. You can still add a little pumpkin spice to your curls! 

How to Use Pumpkin Seed Oil for Your Natural Hair 

Deep Conditioning Treatment 

After you pick up a bottle of your own Pumpkin Seed Oil (found at your local grocery store or Farmer’s Market), all you have to do is add a few drops into your deep conditioner.



The Pumpkin Seed Oil will enhance your deep conditioner, giving your curls a deep conditioning treatment as delicious as a pumpkin-spiced latte.

Scalp Massage 

On cleansed and conditioned curls, add a few drops of Pumpkin Seed Oil to your scalp and gently massage it into your scalp. You can do this consistently on a weekly basis.


Hot Oil Treatment 

Use the Pumpkin Seed Oil as your preferred oil choice to give yourself a hot oil treatment that will nourish your scalp and strands.



Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil for Skin 

Your curls aren’t the only thing being treated nicely by this special pumpkin spice! Full of Vitamin E, pumpkin seed oil also offers benefits for your skin: 

  • Provides nourishment and rejuvenates dull skin 
  • Helps treat specific skin issues, such as acne or related breakouts
  • Has anti-aging properties to keep your skin looking smooth and feeling soft 

How to Use Pumpkin Seed Oil on Your Skin 

To include pumpkin seed oil into your skincare routine, you can use this oil as your face serum to add before or after your moisturizer (depending on your respective skin type.)

So, tell us CurlMixer...why settle for pumpkin pies this holiday season when you can have pumpkin curls?



Let us know what are your favorite natural ingredients to use for your curls and skin in the comments below!

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